Monday, September 13, 2010

A Wonderful Weekend

We had a terrific weekend.  It began Friday night when we had a lovely time with some friends over a glass of wine at Paradise Bar & Grill.  I picked up shirts for a couple of orders at the same time.  It was both business and pleasure.  Our business is pleasure.  George is so funny because he knows that I will stay way past my welcome when I go most places.  He has a good sense of timing.  When he says it's time to go, I've learned not to argue.  It creates a good balance in our lives.

I was eager to get these jobs done because one of them was for a friend who is a ship captain in Anartica.  He wasn't sure when he would be called back to work.  When he's called back, he has to go immediately.  He wanted "Big Johnson Shooting Team" one one side of a couple of polo shirts, and a design for a M-16 rifle and his name on one, and his son's name on another.  They turned out very nice.  The lagniappes were a couple of luggage tags on camouflage fabric; one with each of their names. 

The other order was for my Who Dat friend.  She was one of the lucky winners of a Cajun Stitchery gift certificate and wanted the Krewe of Drew and fleur de lis embroidered on a black polo.  It turned out very pretty.  That fleur de lis design is one of my favorite.

Since I finished both of the orders this weekend, we arranged for the delivery at the Shakerfest on Sunday where our friend, Sandi, would be relinquishing her queendom to a new Shaker Queen.  The deliveries were made.  We had a bushwhacker, enjoyed seeing lots of friends, and listening to a wonderful band, Lectric Mullet.  It was very hot and humid but that didn't dampen the fun.  Although, I must say, that when we finally got in the car to return home the air conditioner was delightful.

Today started out busy.  The luggage tags are pretty much perfected now and I like these.  They are basically a patch with an embroidered eyelet.  My dear friend in Lafayette, La. was interested in the luggage tags because her daughter will soon be doing a lot of traveling.  I sent an email to 2 of my friends with a survey of what they look for in a luggage tag.  One said "color."  The other said "brightness, durability, and her name easily seen."  My friend in Lafayette didn't care about having a name or monogram but preferred animal designs.  I made 4 for her and mailed them today.  I sure hope she likes them.

This coming Wednesday night we are planning on celebrating a birthday for a Krewe member.  The pillowcase design is absolutely adorable.  I cannot wait to post pictures.  Today I was wrapping her present and found that a luggage tag with her name on it made an excellent name tag for the package.  I love things that do double duty.  When I was young there used to be a furniture company called Castro Convertibles.  All of the furniture at Castro Convertibles converted into different things, like a sofa bed is a sofa that converts into a bed.  I was always fascinated with the Castro Convertibles.  The luggage tags are like Castro Convertibles, they function as luggage tags and name tags.

Today we mailed another set of pillowcases that were ordered for presents.  Again, I sure wish I could post the pictures but I would ruin the surprise.

George took his car in to have the damage from the wreck repaired.  They will have his car for 2 or 3 days and in the meantime he has a rental that he really likes.  I've been sending him on as many errands as I can think today so he can drive his new toy.

The seeds finally came in and George has planted our fall garden. 

The more I think about those luggage tags, I'm thinking of making some for Halloween with spooky designs.  Wouldn't that be fun.  You know, they could even be used as coasters.  Ooooh, a triple whammy.  You could even put a string through them and hang them as ornaments on a Christmas tree -- not the spooky ones, though.

C'est tout, mes amis.

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