Monday, October 11, 2010

Childhood Memories

George went to the post office this morning to mail some orders.  It's Columbus Day and the post office is closed.  He came home and decided to call our local voters registration because he lost is voter card.  It's Columbus Day and voter registration is closed.  Is someone telling us to take the day off?  I think so.

Lately, I've been reminiscing about old times.  When I was a young girl in Atlanta, Mama decided that I should write to all 50 states and get brochures.  I think I wrote to the Chambers of Commerce.  She was teaching me to compose letters.  I sure did write to all 50 states.  Can you imagine the sheer joy when all of those responses began arriving in our mailbox?  Children love to receive mail.  It was like Christmas and I thought I was hot stuff getting all of that mail from my letter.  I not only learned to compose a letter, make an evelope and mail it, but I learned about all 50 states.  My Mama was a smart lady.

While living in Louisiana (we moved to Atlanta when I was 10), I used to love to play Madame.  Outside of Louisiana that is called playing dress up.  I loved to play Madame so much that the old ladies in town would send Mama all of their dresses and clothing that they would otherwise discard.  Mama had a barrel in her sewing room where we kept all of the Madame clothes.  Since I was one of the original latch key kids, I would get home after school and be alone for an hour or two before Mama or Daddy arrived.  Usually, I would play Madame.  One day, while perusing my Madame Barrel, I found that someone had put a large brazziere in the clothing.  I thought I had found my pot of gold.  I put that huge bra on and stuffed it with every piece of clothing or fabric that I could find.  Then I put on one of my Madame dresses.  Then I located a pair of high heel shoes.  To complete your picture, I was very short for my age -- still am.  Here is this tiny, little girl with huge boobs, a dress that is so large it's trailing on the ground, in high heel shoes that would flop with every step that I took.  I put on a large hat and took a look in the mirror.  I remember that I was convinced that I looked beautiful and very adult.  So, I decided to go for a stroll.  Lafayette was a small town then, most people were either friends or relatives.  I began my stroll on St. Johns Street and turned down Congress St.  Mama said that as I would pass in front of homes and businesses, people would call her on the phone.  She had to take off work to come get me off the streets. 

I should write the stories from my childhood.  They are all delightful and I was blessed with good parents and family, and lived in a time when life was good and everyone knew each other.  It was a wonderful childhood.

We had a lot of orders at the beginning of the weekend and have just about filled most of them.  Once we fill the next three orders, it will be time for me to seriously sit down and do some digitizing.  Not long ago, I joined a Yahoo forum on digitizing with my software.  I've learned some things that I didn't know before.  The main thing that I learned is that there is a free update for my software.  As I read the forum entries each day, I see that many people are having problems with the update loading.  I've put it off and put it off.  I simply cannot afford to be without the digitizing software at all.  Yesterday, I decided that I must not delay any longer.  It was unnerving because I would have to uninstall the present version completely and then install the new updated version.  I finally did it and it was a piece of cake.  I used it once, just to try it out and make sure everything was working properly.  Now I need to work.  There are birthdays approaching.  Babies are being born.  People are getting married.  Not to mention there are some new embroidery techniques out there that I want to try out.

The Cajun Stitchery gallery at Picasa has been updated.  Goto and click on "gallery."  I sent an email to this effect to several of our customers, suggesting that since Christmas is approaching, they might want to look at the gallery to get ideas for Christmas presents.  Immediately, 2 orders came through.  Both wanted things in the gallery that are handmade.  Please understand that all of our handmade items are sold via our Etsy store at  The main Cajun Stitchery does embroidery on ready made items.  Goto to see some of the ready made items that we have available.  The obvious reason is because it is time consuming to make things.  I love doing it, don't get me wrong.  Even a simple handkerchief or napkin takes time to make and that is before any embroidery is applied.  If I accepted orders for handmade items, the price would be outrageous and the time required to fill the order would be preposterous.  But I do love making things, in my own time, without any boundaries.  Those are the things that go into our Etsy shop.  They are pure creativity.  They are new techniques and things I just want to try out.  Feel free to give me ideas and suggestions for handmade items.  I may make them and put them in our Etsy shop.  If it's handmade by Cajun Stitchery, please purchase the item from our Etsy store. 

All of that said, I think I am going to make some blank handkerchiefs and napkins to put in our Etsy store.  If you or anyone would like to purchase them, but you want some embroidery applied to them, please contact me.  This can certainly be done.  And it can be done via Etsy.  Just find the item that you want and convo or email me that you want the item embroidered.  I will put a reserve on the item for you and let you know the additional cost for the embroidery.  I can change the price of the item on Etsy to reflect any additional embroidery cost.  So, it's not necessarily that I won't make anything handmade.  It's more the proper channels to get it done.  Thank you all for your understanding of this.

Back to digitizing.

C'est tout, mes amis!

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