Monday, October 25, 2010

Christmas Is A Deadline

A good portion of last week was spent looking for satin baseball jackets.  Oh yes, we found them and we can get them for you and embroider on them.  We can get lightly lined, flannel lined and quilted lined satin jackets in many different colors, including black, pink, and purple.  Here's the deal with the satin jackets, and with all of the items that I purchase wholesale.  I can get some pretty terrific deals for you.  Once ordered the items must be shipped to me.  If it's only one item that I'm ordering, well, the shipping charges are pretty steep.  And different companies have different shipping rates.  The main company that I order from is in Florida.  They have the cheapest shipping and can usually get the item to me within the next day or two.  But that tacks on about $10 more or less to your order.  For instance, I can usually get you a good deal on t-shirts for about $10.00, more or less.  Then I can embroider, let's say, your name or initials on it for about $7.  That's $17 for an embroidered t-shirt.  However, if that is the only thing I order, the cost of your t-shirt just went to $27 because of shipping.  If I ordered 2 t-shirts for you, then the $10 shipping would be split between the 2 t-shirts and the cost would be the $17 plus $5, or $22.  Of course, the shipping also goes by weight, so there is a point where the shipping charges increase but not much.  If you ordered 5 t-shirts the cost per t-shirt would be $19.  A lot of wholesalers will give free shipping when you order a certain amount, i.e., $100 or $150 worth of items.  All of this varies with each wholesaler.  The search for the satin jackets had me excited when I found them for $27.  That's a good price.  That particular wholesaler charges $23 to ship the one jacket.  The cost just went to $50 for the jacket, and that is before embroidery.  Oh sure, I was taken in by the online retail satin jackets for around $20-$25, but once ordered you pay shipping and handling.  I don't charge for our handling but I do pass the shipping and handling charges that I have to pay onto the customer.  The above scenario is why most embroiderers won't take an order for less than 100 items.

Ah, but worrying about shipping is not all we've been up to.  It's time to load the Etsy Store with our Christmas items.  We have listed a bunch of the Christmas tea towels and have several more to list, hopefully, today.  As these items are listed, I share them on Facebook.  One of my friends told me that she has a hard time emotionally at Christmas.  I suggested that she "hide" me for awhile.  She said she would not do that.  It is a hard time at Christmas for a lot of people.  As wonderful as Christmas is, it does bring a lot of stress into your life.  Let's face it, Christmas is a deadline to meet.  Deadlines cause stress.  That is only one of the reasons that I keep telling everyone, including myself, to smile.  The simple act of smiling does something physical to you.  It does lift your spirits.  I've said it before but one of these days I'm going to start a line of products with smiles and smile quotes.  We already started that with the red lips; although, some of those red lips were not smiling.

My plan is to put all of the Christmas stuff on Etsy now.  The tea towels and placemats.  Then I'm going to put a bunch of other items that we have that can be given as gifts.  Stuff without a Christmas motif.  Then, and only if I have time, I'm going to start making Christmas stockings.  They will have to be a really unique design; not the plain old red and white sock shape.  I have some ideas in mind.  Stay tuned.

We have continued to enjoy our evenings by the chiminea.  That is the most peaceful time of day.

Got to get back to work.

C'est tout, mes amis:>)

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