Monday, November 29, 2010

Boogers, Boogers, Boogers

 A young friend of mine showed me a tissue holder posted on the internet that a lady was making as stocking stuffers for Christmas.  The tissue holder had written on it:  You have a booger.  My friend said if I made those she would buy one.  Well, you know how I feel about our disposable world.  Instead, I made cloth handkerchiefs.  Very dainty lavender hankies.  Two say: You have a booger.  One embroidered in hot pink thread and one in lime green.  Another said:  Placer boogers ici.  That's french for "put boogers here."  And a fourth said:  Got boogers?  They are all hysterically funny.  I took pictures but the french version and the Got boogers pictures didn't turn out very well.  I did list the other two in the Etsy store and one even got a heart.  They are so cute.  I keep telling everyone that they would be perfect for those occasions when you see someone with a booger on their nose and you don't know whether to say something or not.  You could just hand over the hanky.

I've been working on a tea towel order with a beautiful mylar embroidered mermaid.  Embroidering with mylar is very easy.  The problem is that it is so messy.  The mylar has unbelieveable static cling and I find little pieces everywhere.  It is beautiful.

A few years back I purchased an ITH (in the hoop) design for a corset pouch.  A cell phone will fit in it; reading glasses will fit in it.  It's fun to make and very versatile.  The problem is that it doesn't have a closing at the top.  You know my issue about cell phone holders that don't close and allow the cell phone to fall out.  This pouch would be very handy hung around your mirror in the car to hold sun glasses or what not.  I may end up sewing Velcro on it.  Nevertheless, I'm thinking about making some of these cute pouches for whatever can be done with them.

And I ended up making another baby blanket for my friend who is a new grandmother.  This one is for the baby shower next weekend.

Remember:  Cajun Stitchery can make all of your embroidery dreams come true; your other dreams are up to you:>)

C'est tout, mes amis.

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