Friday, December 3, 2010

Cajun Corner - Vol. 2, No. 47

 Cajun Corner – Vol. 2, No. 47 – December 3, 2010

Bon Jour! Welcome to Cajun Stitchery’s weekly email and welcome to our family.


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I received the certified copy of my birth certificate and spent an hour and a half on Monday getting my renewed drivers license. I had to have my birth certificate, 1st marriage license, 2nd marriage license, social security card, 2 pieces of mail addressed to me at my home, and my old driver’s license. When I went to pay the clerk with a check, she said, “Do you have some form of identification?” Yes, she did. I just starred at her. Then we both started laughing.

Delightfully busy is what I would call this week. This house is looking more and more like Santa’s Workshop everyday. We have embroidered pillowcases, tea towels, napkins, wash cloths, towels, t-shirts, jackets, and I don’t even remember everything.

Wednesday evening was my girls’ night. We were all gathered around the counter when one of the girls handed out a Christmas present to each of us. It was a hair wrap that you use when your hair is wet. You twist it into a turban on top of your head. We were all trying to put our’s on and we had demonstrations on how to put it on and we were helping each other. Finally, all of the turbans were on and almost at that moment the front door opened and another group of girlfriends walked in. The comments were hysterical. What are the odds on that? Needless to say we had a lovely evening, as always.

George and I finished off all of the Thanksgiving food and started eating our peppers from the garden again. Yummy. There just isn’t anything like fresh produce, right out of the garden.

Now that I finally found a robe wholesaler that I like, seems to have a good quality products and reasonable prices. My robe order cancelled on me. That’s okay. I needed to find a robe wholesaler. If anyone is interested, I can get a 100% cotton, 3 lb, kimono terrycloth robe, 50” length, for about $30.

Mr. Mattson, our AC man, dropped off the proposal for the house next door. I nearly cried when I saw that it was about half the amount I thought it was going to be. I cried for joy! Well, of course, we agreed immediately and asked how soon he could have it done. I am pleased to announce that we have a brand new, fully functional heat pump next door. We don’t have plumbing, but it is nice and toasty over there.

I think the next item is putting some kind of shower pan in the shower. After that I think we are getting appliances. All I know is that I’m ready for it to be finished.

I received a phone call earlier this week from the Portofino Tennis Shop inquiring about our embroidery services. They saw our ad in the Island Times. We talked for awhile and the gentleman said he would get back with me after the first of the year. I sure hope he does. That would be a real coo for me. The very next day Lee Tracy called me. I met Lee at a Chamber meeting on the beach a few months back and gave her our card. I now have a project to do for Lee and I certainly hope she likes our work and service and hires us again in the future.

I placed our first order for satin jackets on Tuesday. The arrived yesterday and seem to be a nice quality; well sewn. I’m bringing a size M, L, and XL to the SOB brunch on Sunday so the people who are questioning the sizes can try them on. It’s a real good deal on these jackets. $23 for the light lined, adult jacket and $26 for the quilted lined, plus shipping and embroidery. The last shipment was only $7 for shipping. Since I ordered 7 jackets, that’s only $1 apiece for the shipping. Most of the Junkanoos seem to be getting the jacket and ordering the Junkanoo embroidery on the back and their names on the front. This year I am redesigning their logo a bit. I’m going to see if I can turn the red man into a Mylar design. That would be really cool and sparkly.

The Mystic Krewe of Nereids will have their ball tickets on sale beginning December 18th. The Black Tie Ball will be on February 12th at Castaways. Tickets are $35 each. Please contact me or any other Nereid for tickets.

Christmas is coming and customers are doing their Christmas shopping at Cajun Stitchery. Get this out of the way as soon as you can. For all who have businesses out there, remember that we also sell personalized gift baskets.

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Boudreaux and Marie take a vacation to the Cajun Riviera, Holly Beach Louisiana. They had a great time. Boudreaux buried Marie in the sand on the beach. Then Marie buried Boudreaux in the sand. It was so much fun. Boudreaux buried Marie in the sand. They had so much fun. A year later Boudreaux sat back and was thinking of how much fun they had on the beach. He thought it was so much fun that maybe he would go back there and dig her up.


French phrase of the week: la barbe du bon Dieu a very good and decent person.


This week I want to make a plea to everyone to please stop using plastic bags. Go to the website listed below and learn the dangers of using plastic bags and how many other countries in the world have banned them. As an embroiderer, I know that we all have several totes. We just don’t use them. It is incredibly important that we do use them, beginning now.

• Shopping Bags: While shopping, if you only buy a few products skip the shopping bag. For larger purchases, bring your own. Learn about the dangers of plastic bags and what countries around world are doing about it ("The Dangers of Plastic Bags" slide show from Teacher Vishal Mody).

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C’est tout, mes amis

Peggy Henshall

Cajun Stitchery

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Set of 4 hemmed napkins 20” x 20” with single initial embroidered monogram for $16.00 plus tax.

Sale applies only to napkins in stock. Please call for color selection.

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