Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I'll Never Go Through That Again

Another wonderfully busy week.  The satin jackets are selling like hotcakes.  Of course, my Junkanoo friends came through for me.  They all seem to want the black satin jacket and asked me to embroider their logo on the back.  I've never used this particular wholesaler before but they have been in business for a long time.  Our first order was placed yesterday and this morning they called me to answer any questions that I might have.  I had tried to include a late order but it was too late.  Nevertheless, the first order of satin jackets are scheduled for delivery tomorrow.  So far, this wholesaler is getting an A+ on pricing, shipping and customer service.  It turns out that the shipping is going to cost each custoer $1.  Not bad.  When the jackets get here tomorrow, I will be able to look at them and determine the quality and sizing.  If I like them, I will place my second order on Friday.  This wholesaler has several colors and offers light linings, as well as quilted linings with size from youth to adult 3XL.

The other day the weather forecast was going as low as 39 degrees.  We harvested all of our peppers.  The weather didn't seem to affect the plants because they are still producing peppers.  Now we have a bag full of peppers and are eating them like crazy -- even after giving a bunch of them away.

Our calendar is filling up with Christmas parties, parades and other holiday events.  That, on top of the much appreciated busy work schedule, is keeping us busy.

The AC guy quoted us about half of what we expected.  Woohoo!  They began work installing the heat pump today and should be finished tomorrow or Friday. 

Also, Monday I finally got my drivers license.  It's been a month and a half since I first tried to renew my drivers license.  Glad that's over and the lady said that I will never have to go through that again.

My Aunt Philo's friend emailed me that Aunt Philo needs some wash cloths with her name and room number embroidered.  Aunt Philo is 92 years old and resides in a nursing home in Lafayette, LA.  She likes to have her own wash cloths but the nursing home tends to lose them.  I embroidered 6 wash cloths with her name and room number and 2 towels.  Hopefully, we'll mail those tomorrow.  If anyone has a relative or friend in a nursing home and you don't know what to get them, send personalize towels and wash cloths.  It's a great gift.

Next on our list are some t-shirts and I've been trying to pay more attention to the Etsy store.  There is a beautiful pair of his and her pillowcases, as well as the little corset pouch that is just adorable.
Sunday is the SOB brunch.  Last year I made patches for the Sisters of the Beach.  Can you tell what's different with this year's patches...RHINESTONES.  Yes, 3 little rhinestones for each of the little stick girl's heads.

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