Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Pick a Pocket

We've been reflecting and projecting this week.  2011 should bring some pretty snazy embroidered items.  Out with the old and in with the new.

I'm really stuck on little ways to help out our environment.  I was thinking about clothing and all the clothes that are just tossed out.  Fabric can always be used, even if it's old.  If you sew, a good way of using old clothes is to make a bag or applique, or a bag with applique.  During all of this thinking, it dawned on me to make pockets.  That's a great way to #1 use scraps of fabric and #2 to change the appearance of outdated or older clothing.  Just add a pocket or several pockets.

Mama loved pockets, as I do.  It really irritates me when I want to put something in a pocket and nothing that I am wearing has a pocket.  I like to wear jackets, just so that I have a pocket. 

In the plethora of embroidery designs that we have, there are several designs for beautiful, embroidered pockets.  The pocket embroidery can be sewn directly on clothing for a faux pocket or stand alone, kind of like a patch.  Well, that's all fine and good if you can sew.  Chances are if you can sew you can make your own pockets.  What about those who cannot sew?  I started making pockets today.  The two plaid pockets are glued to the shirt.  I just used Tacky Glue and put a bead of glue on the edge satin stitches and then I put the pockets where I wanted them on the shirt.  If you are going to do this, make sure you put some paper or something on the inside of the shirt so that you don't glue the shirt together.  We've tugged a bit at the pockets today and they seem to be holding fast.  Next I'll wash them and see how that works.  In fact, you could probably use that reuseable glue and put pockets where you want them for the day and take them off and use on another piece of clothing.  Since we can embroider most anything on them, you could have a set with your initials on them, say something funny, even a logo could be embroidered on a pocket large enough.  It could even take the place of patches.  For example, you could put the same thing on a pocket that is embroidered on a patch.  The difference is that the pocket has another function from a patch.  A pocket can hold things.  You could even put pockets on your purse or tote bag.  You could put them on your slacks or jeans to fancy them up.  Glue one in a notebook for paperclips and smaller items.  Put a pocket on your upper left chest area and put a fancy little cloth hanky in the pocket.  Glue a pocket to your koozie.

The pocket fabric can be any color or print.  The same is true for the thread which can be any color.  Make the pocket the same color as the garment and it will just about vanish.  Make the pocket in a contrasting color and it will pop.  Add a pocket with a Christmas motif to a white t-shirt and you have a festive shirt.  Add a pocket to a sleeve or inside a jacket.  Pockets come in all shapes and sizes with your choice of custom embroidery.

At Mardi Gras it always seems to be an issue about carrying a purse.  You just don't want to be encumbered with a purse, but you need your stuff.  I always envied men who had pockets inside their jackets, outside their jackets and on their pants.  Now they can carry stuff.  Put an embroidered pocket inside your jacket and on your pants or shirt.  Heck, use 3 pockets: purple, green and gold.

Of course, read the directions for whatever glue you use.  If you want to remove the patch, some glues just won't come out of the fabric.  So, be careful with the glue you choose.  I like Tacky Glue, but that's just me.  The type of glue doesn't matter, as long as you get a glue that does what you want -- permanent or not.  Of course, you can always just sew the pocket on.

I'm very excited about pockets, as you can tell.  I may be putting some in our Etsy store to see how they sell.  The price is determined, as usual, by the stitch count, and not necessarily by how large the pocket is.

The booger handkerchiefs are still selling and tickle me every time I sell one.  They are so fun.

Christmas is over and it's time to turn our attention to Mardi Gras.  Long live the purple, green and gold!

C'est tout, mes amis.

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