Monday, December 6, 2010


The annual SOB Brunch on Pensacola Beach was held yesterday.  Brunch turned into an all day and into the evening affair.  A good time was had by all.  One of my friends told me that she is still recouperating on her sofa today.

Cajun Stitchery was open bright and early this morning and we've been busy taking care of orders and simply enjoying the embroidery process.  Many orders were delivered yesterday at the SOB Brunch.  The girls laugh at me because when I get someplace, such as the SOB Brunch, I go right to business taking orders and delivering orders.  I do that so that we can finish the business and get down to the fun stuff.  Although it's all fun stuff for me.

The anticipated surprise baby shower was simply all of the presents put on a table and the next time I saw it, the presents were gone.  There was no pomp or ceremony lost on that one. 

Today I've just been going through orders making sure everything has been delivered and figuring out the next order to fill.  One order in particular was very special to me.  You know, I do this all of the time and have for years, when I get an order that I want to be absolutely perfect, that's when all of the mistakes happen.  In this case I was going along embroidering a bag.  Everything was going just fine.  I ran out of bobbin thread.  That's no big deal.  The bag that I was embroidering was heavy and covered the place where the bobbin is located.  Very carefully, I got a new bobbin, moved everything around with my hands, and felt to put the new bobbin in place.  I continued to embroider.  Clanka, clanka, clanka.  Uh oh, we were having problems.  Because this bag was so heavy and I was using my fast frames, I did not want to mess up the placement but I needed to get under the embroidery.  George came and helped me unscrew the arms.  Wouldn't you know that I hadn't put the bobbin in very securely and it fell out and the thread was a tangled mess.  We took the arm off two or three times to rectify the situation.  Finally, old Boudreaux started purring like a kitten once again.  Isn't that always the case, when you want something to turn out just right, something always happens.  All is well.

Il fait froid, cher.  In fact, it's getting down into the 20's tonight.  Burrr.  So, bundle up everyone.

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