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Cajun Corner - Vol. 3, No. 3

Cajun Corner – Vol. 3, No. 3 – January 21, 2011

Bon Jour! Welcome to Cajun Stitchery’s weekly email and welcome to our family.


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Well, did ya miss me? I apologize for missing last week but Mardi Gras season keeps me hopping. Last week I left for Mobile on Friday at noon and we returned Sunday afternoon. Each year our krewe spends the MLK weekend in Mobile at one of our krewe member’s home. The purpose of the trip is to shop for beads and other Mardi Gras paraphernalia. When we aren’t shopping or sleeping, we are eating, drinking and partying. It’s a wonderful weekend that I look forward to each year.

The two stores that we go to religiously are Dynasty and Toomey’s. Dynasty is a fantasy land of rhinestones. The store is tiny but the brilliance of the rhinestones is blinding. The owner always has a special treat for us. This year we walked in and a new king from another krewe was there. He was an adorable young thing who was trying on crowns and scepters. He practiced walking regally and we all bowed as he waved his scepter over our heads. Of course, our Queen Doris XX had to accompany him – what is a King without a Queen, after all. We all had a glass of wine and toasted the King, the Queen, and most anything else we could think to toast.

We have to take breaks between stores so that we can chit chat about our purchases and other things. After Dynasty we went to lunch. It’s not easy getting a table for 15 women at noon in Mobile.

Then we were off to Toomey’s. Where Dynasty is a fantasy land of rhinestones, Toomey’s is a fantasy land of Mardi Gras beads, costumes, décor, and just about anything Mardi Gras you can imagine. That’s where I spent most of my money. This must be the year of the flashing lights because it seems like almost everything I bought had flashing lights.

After Toomey’s we went to Queen’s Attic. Now doesn’t that name sound appropriate for us? The Queen’s Attic is a little antique store that is so full of stuff you can hardly move. We all went in different directions and began another shopping extravaganza. The animal prints, the fleur de lis, the stuffed animals, the tuxedo jackets, are just a few items in abundance at this store.

Finally, after the last purchase, we headed back to Marilyn’s home where we began partying and eating.

It is always hard to leave Marilyn’s. She loves having company and we all feel at home there. But the party must end and Sunday afternoon we drove back to Pensacola with all of our purchases and some wonderful memories.

As I’ve said before, our weekends are booked solid through Mardi Gras. This evening we are catching a Good Times bus for Mobile. There will be 54 totally insane people on this bus, all drinking and partying. The purpose is going to the Saenger in Mobile to see Beausoleil perform. Beausoleil is the best Cajun band, period. They have won a myriad of musical awards, including the Grammy. Michael and David Doucet, the leads in the band, are also our beautiful Paulette’s brothers. I believe I heard that our group has purchased an entire section at the Saenger for this concert. We aren’t bringing any flashing lights but the rhinestones and sequins will be glaring enough.

So, just when do I have time to embroider? There’s always time to embroider if you love it like I do. I’m just about finished with my fourth black satin krewe jacket of the week. I just have to put the names on the front and I’m done.

The bling is still being listed at our Etsy Store. This week has been rhinestones on handkerchiefs. I only have a couple left to list. After these hankies, I think I’m going to start making and embellishing scarves.

Before I forget, please, everyone visit This is a new website that just opened this week. There are two important things to note in this website: #1, the first picture that comes up in the Home page is the Mystic Krewe of Nereids accepting last year’s Grand Marshall Award (I’m the one up front with the red hair); and, #2, peruse through the website and see the Cajun Stitchery ads. All of the other stuff is cool, too. Truthfully, it’s a wonderful website with the entire calendar of events, the krewes, and everything you would ever want to know about Pensacola Beach Mardi Gras. Good job, Shelley!

There’s a new krewe in town: The Krewe of Bad Habits. They contacted me this week to do their krewe embroidery. They are a brand new krewe that will be parading both in Pensacola and Pensacola Beach. I believe this is their first year to parade, so please make a point to welcome them to our fold when you see them.

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Something a bit different this week. A poem:

Let others cheer the winning man, There's one I hold worthwhile; 'Tis he who does the best he can, Then loses with a smile. Beaten he is, but not to stay Down with the rank and file; That man will win some other day, Who loses with a smile.


Did you know:

Natchitoches, Louisiana, is the oldest city in the Louisiana Purchase Territory, and was founded in 1714.


French Phrase of the Week: Beausoleil (beautiful sun)


(The Bible says to keep a song in your heart. Cajuns will also dance to that song and play musical instruments. PH)

• Age Guideline: 5 Years and Up

• Time Required: 30 minutes (Does not include drying time)

The above age and time guidelines are estimates. This project can be modified to suit other ages and may take more or less time depending on your circumstances.

Materials Needed:

• Paper or Plastic Bowl

• Jingle Bells

• Chenille Stems

• Hole Puncher

• Misc. items to Decorate


Using a hole puncher, make holes around the edge of the bowl (this is easier with a paper bowl). Thread the chenille stems up and down through the holes, attaching the jingle bells as you go. Twist the ends of the chenille stems together.

Once you have your tambourine together, decorate it however you like. Decorate the rest of the bowl using glitter, markers, sequins, stickers etc...

C’est tout, mes amis

Peggy Henshall

Cajun Stitchery

(850) 261-2462

P.S. You are always welcome to stop by and look at all of the catalogs and pass some time with me, cher.

SALE OF THE WEEK (Good through Thursday, January 27, 2011)

Black satin jackets, light lined -- $24 (sizes S through XL) – just jacket; embroidery separate

Black satin jackets, quilted -- $26 (sizes S through XL) – just jacket; embroidery separate

(Yes, these are the krewe jackets I’ve been embroidering. )

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