Monday, January 24, 2011

Singing, Dancing, and Digitizing

Friday was one fabulous, traveling party.  We had 54 crazy people on one Good Times Tour bus.  Everyone was drinking, eating, visiting and having a good time on the bus.  The wonderful bus driver dropped us off at the front door to the Saenger in Mobile.  There was even a guy across the street playing trumpet.  He come over where we were congregated and began playing Mardi Gras tunes, i.e., When The Saints Go Marching In.  We are all dressed in our krewe tux jackets covered in sequins and rhinestones..  All of that was before we even made into the theatre.

This was the first time I've ever been to the Mobile Saenger.  It was very nice.  You just couldn't sit still in your seat when Beausoleil began playing.  One by one as we started getting  up dancing.  The security guard would come over and ask us to dance on the far side, next to the wall so we wouldn't disturb the audience trying to see the concert.  We danced and danced.  And it wasn't just our group.  The entire audience seemed to be dancing.  Finally, I noticed the security guard just took a seat.  What was the point.  The whole place was rocking. 

The trip home was fun.  Some people actually fell asleep.  They must have been very tired because even on the way home the noise level was deafening.  I'm so glad we didn't miss this adventure.

There aren't any project photographs to post today.  Aside from recouperating from the Friday night extravaganza, I spent most of the weekend digitizing a Mardi Gras logo for a new krewe.  I've seen more detailed artwork but for me this one is  very detailed.  The logo includes the Jack, Queen and King of hearts playing cards.  Have you ever looked close as those cards?  There are little, tiny lines everywhere.  When digitizing a lot of detail, you have to know when it is too much.  One little line of thread in a thick area can vanish from view.  I still consider myself a novice at digitizing. 

I purchased my first embroidery machine in November, 2005.  That was my Singer Quantum Futura, Doris.  About the best that Doris could do insofar as digitizing was with Auto Punch and then I could move stitches one at a time.  That's not what I would consider a real digitizing program.  But within a couple of months from purchasing her, Doris was stitching out my own designs.  The first one was a cowgirl mermaid that went on our Krewe Vests for the Cowgirl year.  Since Cajun Stitchery opened its doors we have purchased what is probably considered a middle of the road, or even low end digitizing program called Embird.  I'm very pleased with this program.  I guess you could say that I've been digitizing for 5 years now.  To an extent, that's true.  But I've only been doing real digitizing for two years with Embird.  There are so many things that I have yet to learn.  So far I've managed to handle all of the orders that have come our way except for one in the very beginning that I had to hire a digitizer to do.   There really aren't any worries about it.  If a design is more than I can do, there are many digitizers out there who would do the digitizing.

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