Monday, February 14, 2011

Boxers and Scarves

The big news today is that Cajun Stitchery is now an official dealer for Boxercraft.  You know, boxer shorts.  They carry some of the coolest sportswear, including animal prints.  The apparel line is very popular with the younger people in highschool and college.  Take a look at their online retail store at

We are still getting better as each day goes by but both George and I are antsy for this bug to completely go away.  George is back working on the house next door today but gets tired easily and it is frustrating him.  I just want to get out of the house and spend some time with my girlfriends on the beach.

However, I also need to be working.  Last week was a real bust for work.  I did get the patches made and mailed to the customer in Oklahoma.  They turned out nice.  Now I'm working on scarves.  I love doing the dainty ladies scarves but lately I'm compelled to make flannel scarves.  The first two flannel scarves had a pretty gold design on one and the other had a dragon.  Both are listed in our Etsy store.  Today I finished two more flannel scarves.  One has two ladies embracing.  Can you tell that I'm missing my girlfriends?  I think it is adorable.  Best friends forever in bright red, looks so good on gray.  I just listed it in the Etsy store.  I'll list the other one later today with the lady in red holding a wine bottle and two glasses. 

I think that's all of the flannel that I have.  I'll find some more fabric for the next group of scarves.  Stay tuned:>)

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