Thursday, February 3, 2011

Girls, Costumes and Parties

Wednesday nights are always so refreshing to me.  The girls are hilarious.  The food is always over the top.  Last night was no different.  We celebrated Ella's birthday.  I gave her a towel with the diva mermaid.  The applique shape was a clam shell using a light pink see through fabric.  This mermaid was in purple and lavender.  It looks so good with the pink background.  I think she really liked it.  This is the third diva mermaid towel that I've done.  The first had a star applique, and the second had a fleur de lis applique.  The next birthday is in March.  Wonder what I'll do for that one.

We only had one mishap last night. One of the girls tripped over a hand truck in the dark and probably has a lump on her head this morning.  Float work is about to begin.

My costume is probably the one that needed the most work, since I lost a little weight last year.  I worked on the costume yesterday until it was in tip top shape.  The rest of the costume work will be repairing costumes.

Poor Etsy has been neglected and I hope to put some new items in the shop today.  I'm thinking about some of the patches that I've been doing lately but then I want to do some scarves.

A friend had a beautiful scarf on last night.  She got it in New Orleans.  Black and gold with gold glitter paint and rhinestones. 

Not a lot to report today.  It's cold outside.  George is working on kitchen cabinets at the house next door.  I need to harvest some broccoli, but all I want to do is embroider.

This Saturday will be our first Nauga Party.  The Krewe of Nauga touts one party a year but 500 members, and it's true.  It begins Saturday at 10:30 a.m.  You are supposed to wear your pajamas.  Animal print is the look you want to achieve.  There is no way George will go in pajamas, so we will attend in blue jeans and sweatshirts.  We are sure to have a wonderful time.

C'est tout, mes amis.

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