Thursday, March 17, 2011

Are you the winner of today's contest?

Still winding down from Mardi Gras and all of our visitors and winding up to Cajun Stitchery's 2nd Anniversary.  Although, I have been informed that more company is coming later this month and in May.  Sounds like a fun and exciting year.

Last week in Cajun Corner we offered a free black satin jacket with a name embroidered on the front to the first person to email me my maiden name.  Lots of people responded but the very first was one of my neighbors.  She loved her jacket and rather than her name, she wanted a Christian design.  It turned out beautiful.  She asked me to do a patch of the design for her husband.  She is going to glue the patch onto a flat magnet so that he can use it as a magnet at work.  Otherwise, she feared he would take her jacket which he is coveting.

Most of this week, I've been working on the Studio 98 logo and finally met with Sharon, the owner, yesterday.  Sharon just loved the embroidery and ordered ponytail caps and visors for her 3rd Anniversary party on April 1st.  I gave her a sample visor with the embroidery and she said that before she was completely in the door at the studio, the girls took it from her.  That's very flattering, I think.

I want to attend another open house this Friday.  A Facebook friend of mine is a massage therapist and her company is having an open house this Friday.  As you know, I think the social media on the internet is so wonderful, especially Facebook.  I met JoAnne via Facebook.  She is the one who inquired about men's hankies.  In fact, last week I embroidered a couple of men's hankies for her son-in-law.  She told me this week that he received them and just loves them.  Embroidered men's hankies is such a wonderful idea.  I never know what to give guys as gifts.  My son and grandchildren get money.  But there are times when I want to give a thank you to a man.  Off the wall, funky hankies are a great idea.  Oh, and don't forget Father's Day will be here in a few months.

Here is today's contest.  The first person to email me at with the name of my labrador retriever will win a set of 4 cloth napkins with their initial(s) in a corner.  The contest expires at midnight, Central time, tonight.

Happy St. Paddy's Day, y'all:>)

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