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Cajun Corner - Vol. 3, No. 11

Cajun Corner – Vol. 3, No. 11 – March 18, 2011

Bon Jour! Welcome to Cajun Stitchery’s weekly email and welcome to our family.


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My adorable cousin Kim has been searching for dead relatives everywhere. She was in St. Martinsville this week and called me. She left a voice mail that said, more or less, “Do you remember that I told you when I asked your mother about our ancestors that she kept saying that she didn’t care about those old, dead people and wouldn’t give me any information? Well, I was in the St. Martinsville Library (could have been courthouse) and found a big stack of papers in the Duchamp file. Neither Eric (another cousin) nor I had ever seen them before. I located a letter and in the corner it said ‘Lena Delhomme’. It was Lena’s paperwork from tracing her family tree … Bitch.” I laughed until I cried. Kim is right, Mama would always say that she didn’t care about all of those old dead people, and then would proceed to tell a million stories about them. Keep digging Cousin Kim, there are more skeleton’s in our closet than most.

Kim ended up at my Uncle R.L.’s, again. Uncle R.L. called to get my Cousin Lucille’s number – that I didn’t have – but it was delightful talking with Nonc R.L.

Wednesday evening was our usual girls’ night. We celebrated two birthdays. The girls loved their gifts and it was an exceptionally pleasant evening. My friend, Paulette, had finally finished her last radiation treatment the day before.

There were so many reasons for celebrations. It feels good to be back to the old routine.

Most of you probably don’t know that I write stories, short stories. I don’t even remember how it all began but I only write stories for the girls in my krewe. This year, during the Mardi Gras season, I was approached twice by girls in the krewe asking me to write another story. This week has been story week and the story just doesn’t seem to want to end. Of course, my girls are the main characters in my stories. Emails have been flying all week about the stories and, frankly, I’m kind of tickled about the whole thing.

This week we got an order for 30 visors/caps. George has been working on them. That allowed me to go to some meetings today. This morning I attended the WBL (Women’s Business Luncheon) in Gulf Breeze. I haven’t attended these meetings since last November because it’s been our busy season. It was good to be there and see my friends.

This afternoon I attended an open house for one of my Facebook friends, who is also a customer. Her business is Incorporate Wellness. She is a massage therapist. The open house was from 3-6 p.m. I guess I arrived shortly after 3:30 and found there were several small businesses in the same building jointly hosting the open house. After signing in, I was escorted to a room where a couple of ladies were demonstrating some yoga procedures. It was the “Super brain Yoga Procedure.” I’m not the type of person you would expect to do yoga, but I do have a healthy respect for oriental medicine. So, when in Rome… When I walked in it appeared everyone was hugging themselves. That’s nice. I think we should all like ourselves. Then we had to feel each other’s aura. I had a hard time with that one because I didn’t feel anything. Through each exercise you had to press your tongue against your palate. I think I had problems because my tongue was pressing on my dentures. Guess you can’t feel an aura with dentures. Then we had to face north. Well, actually you face east, but if you are over 50 you face north because if you are over 50 you cannot handle the power of the east. I had to ask which way was north. Once I was facing the right direction, I had to hug myself and hold onto my earlobes with my thumbs facing out. Then while in this position, I had to inhale through my nose and squat; then exhale (with my tongue pressing against my palate) as I arose from squat position. If we were going to squat 14 times, we would have to walk around the building. Well, cher, we ain’t gonna squat no 14 times. I was afraid I’d have to walk around the building hugging myself. I did a few squats and my friend, JoAnne, wanted to show me her office. God bless JoAnne, because this other lady was starting to feel my brain aura.

JoAnne showed me her massage room. The whole place was very nice and the people were all very nice and kind. I don’t even remember the names of everyone but one lady was a grief counselor. JoAnne’s husband Jim was there. He is a very nice man. Then I saw a face I recognized. OMG it was Sonya. Sonya has been one of my Facebook friends since forever. We never met in person before. As you know, I get so tickled when I meet my Facebook friends in person. Well, she was just as darling in person as on Facebook. It seemed everyone was asking for my business cards. I really didn’t stay very long but I am so glad that I did attend. JoAnne is a very special person. In fact, she is the one who ordered the 2 silk men’s handkerchiefs a couple of weeks ago.

As you know, this month Cajun Stitchery is celebrating its second anniversary. Last week we had a contest where the first person to email me my maiden name would win a quilted black satin jacket, size large, with their name embroidered on the front. I appreciate all of the cute remarks about my maiden name. All of you should be raised in the Poor House like I was. The winner was one of my neighbors. She told me that her husband is coveting her jacket.

To make it fair, if you have won one of our contests this month, you are no longer eligible to win again – this month. This week the first person to email me at the kind of car that I drive and the color will win a set of 4 napkins with their monogram in the corner. It doesn’t get easier than this because I’m always talking about my car.

By the way, I hope you are all watching the blog. Periodically you may find a contest on there, as well.

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Thanks to Harold Wilkes for the following:

Boudreaux won $10 million in the Louisiana lottery last week. Bright and early the next morning, he got in his Country Cadillac, and drove all the way to Baton Rouge to collect his money. When he walked in, he told the lottery man, "Hey, I'm Boudreaux, the lottery winner, and I'm here to collect my money!"

The lottery man said, "Well, Mr. Boudreaux, it doesn't work like that. You can't have the whole amount at one time, but we will pay you half a million a year for the next twenty years."

Boudreaux, upset, told the man, "Mais, no, sha, I won the lottery and I want all my money right now. I don' want to wait for twenty years to get it !"

The man tried to calm Boudreaux down, telling him that's how the lottery works.

Boudreaux, really angry now, said, "Mais, if dats de way y'all wanta be, jus' never mind! Here's your damn ticket --- gimme my dollar back!


French Phrase of the Week: Allons au festival! (Let's go to the festival!)


C’est tout, mes amis

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