Monday, April 18, 2011

California or Bust

In the process of perfecting the perfect patch, I decided to make some luggage tags.  Sometime ago I was making my version of a luggage tag.  I didn't like the ones that I made and threw them all away.  But now with the patch down pat, the luggage tags should be prettier.  One of my friends was very interested in the luggage tags back then but I wouldn't sell her any because I didn't like them.  Since she is about to take a month long vacation in May, I did make her a special luggage tag.  She is heading toward California, so I made the tag "California or Bust." 

I have probably a thousand or more different monogram designs that few people use or order.  Customers probably don't order them because they don't know I have them.  So, I thought that I would use some of the monogram designs for luggage tags.  They really turned out cute.  I just used the initial H since that is my initial.

I did make some mermaid luggage tags with the word Nereid embroidered on it.  That's for my krewe.  They were a bit more difficult to make but not too much.

Once I got going on the luggage tags, I began realizing that many of my friends are getting ready to go on vacation.  It seems that this year people are traveling, again.  Since my friend that visited me a few weeks ago lost her luggage on the airline, I thought that luggage tags would be appropriate.

The luggage tags would make a nice Mother's Day gift for the mom who travels.  One of the more elegant monograms would be perfect for business traveling and/or men.

We are having a sale this week:  3 of the 2"x4" rectangular luggage tags with embroidered name or monogram for $10.00.  This sale is good through Thursday, April 21, 2011.

C'est tout, mes amis

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