Wednesday, April 27, 2011

FANtastic Embroidery

I found a stock design of a fan and thought if I enlarged it and made it as a patch, perhaps it would be a functional fan.  The design was enlarged and embroidered as a patch but it's not sturdy enough for a fan.  However, I'm now thinking that if I glue some popcicle sticks on the back and make another fan for the reverse side, then sew the edges together, that may work.  Sure sounds like a lot of work for a simple fan.  I wonder if I sew one fan as a patch but digitize some slits for the popcicle sticks.  Then before I finish the edges, I turn it over, put the popcicle sticks in the slots and glue the other fan to the back, then put it back into the machine and finish the edges.  Hmmmm, that might work as long as the popcicle sticks don't get in the way.  I may give that a try...later.

Last week when I was at Wal-Mart, I found some pretty cool looking cotton fabric.  It's black and white.  One piece is like a leopard print but in black dots on white fabric.  The other is more of a tiger stripe, again, in black and white.  I've begun with the leopard dot fabric and I'm making some more handkerchiefs.  One was listed at the Etsy store last night.  Another is finished and I hope to list it today.

I need to get back to work on the diaper stacker.  The designs have been purchased but not stitched out.  They are monkey designs and are adorable.  The diaper stacker, itself, has been cut out and the edges serged but that's about it. 

A friend of mine emailed last week asking if we could embroider on boonie hats.  Boonie hats?  What is that?  It turns out that a boonie hat is a military hat with a wide brim.  One side can attach to the crown of the hat like one of those Australian bush hats.  George isn't sure if he can embroider on boonie hats, but surely we can.  We just need to practice.  So, we need to find a practice hat somewhere.

The same friend with the boonie hats has a couple of  shirts for me to embroider her logo.  And yet another friends wants her krewe logo on a couple of shirts.

Does it sound like business is picking up?  It sure does to me.  That's a good thing.

I better get back to work.

C'est toute, mes amis:>)


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  3. Im looking for some one to embroidery me a patch about 10" long x 4" high that says Cajun and another one that says rebel in red. Can you help me.