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Cajun Corner - Vol. 3, No. 18

 Cajun Corner – Vol. 3, No. 18 – May 6, 2011

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The weekend in Mexico Beach was fabulous. What is the old saying about the best intentions? Several girls, including myself, were planning on going to Mexico Beach to visit a friend. In fact, there were 10 girls. Over the past couple of years this has become a regular part of our calendar. Our friend only has room for a maximum number of 10 overnight visitors. As you have probably noticed our girlfriend network entails a lot more than 10 girls. Being the polite and delicate ladies that we are, we decided that we would not mention the trip to anyone else because we didn’t want to offend anyone. We were not at liberty to invite people to someone else’s home. And, we didn’t want to put our hostess in an awkward position, either. It all turned out to appear that we were keeping this trip a “secret” from everyone. In fact, we all felt like it was a “secret” and we never intended that to happen. All I can say is that we truly meant well. Oh, by the way, we had a wonderful time.

Today, Cajun Stitchery was closed for half a day because George and I attended a memorial service for a friend.

When I got home last weekend, the lilies had bloomed. They are beautiful. I love the lily time of the year.

I finally finished Kim’s diaper stacker. Oh, it turned out so precious. The diaper stackers are not hard to make at all. I was just taking my time because I knew she didn’t need it right away. I have a pattern that I kind of use for the diaper stackers but they don’t really require a pattern. You just need to know that it is 8 inches deep, 13 inches wide, and 25 inches high. Cut 4 rectangles a bit larger than 8 inches by 13 inches and sew 2 of them together on all 4 sides for a sturdy bottom. Take the remaining 2 rectangles and sew them together on three sides. Slip a piece of sturdy cardboard or foam board into the open end. This piece will go inside the diaper stacker for a solid, removable, base to hold the diapers flat. Then take a piece of fabric 25 inches tall and wide enough to go completely around the 8 inch rectangle. That would be 8”+8”+13”+13” for 42 inches. Then take 2 strips of fabric 25” tall, the width is up to you, to sew to each edge of the 42” piece of fabric, right side of strip to wrong side of big fabric. Do this to each end of the 42” piece, iron the seam toward the strip, and fold the other long side of the strip in about ¼”, and iron. Then fold over to the seam on the right side of the 42” piece of fabric. Do this one each of the 25” sides of the 42” fabric. Pin, baste and sew the large fabric to the base. At this point, you can do what you want with the top. I make large pleats on the sides and sew the top closed, then put a triangular shaped piece of fabric (doubled) on top enveloping the top seam. Then just add something to hang the diaper stacker from and you’re done. I use an O ring. If you have any questions, drop me an email and I’ll be glad to explain the process a bit better.

One of my friends told me that one of the baby hummingbirds fell out of the nest on “As the Birds Turn” and has gone to see its maker. George and I were taking a break this week in what George calls our Summer Patio and we heard little cheeps. I went to look and there was a baby chick sitting in the leaves at the base of one of our oak trees. This area has lots of ants. In fact, we are having a terrible time with ants this year. We thought the chick had fallen out of its nest and we were worried that the ants would get it. So, we put it in a shoe box and took it to the Wildlife Sanctuary. Then we had second thoughts. Of course, at this point it was too late to do anything. Now we think that this was a sparrow and they nest on or near the ground. Now we feel like we have ripped the sparrow family apart. We were just so worried that the chick would get eaten by the ants.

This week I’ve been working at the Etsy store. I still don’t have 100 items for sale but as of today, there are 90 items in that store, 42 items are handkerchiefs. I wouldn’t make so many handkerchiefs if that wasn’t the main thing that people buy at the store. I love dainty cloth hankies but never realized how much others do, too. Since Mother’s Day is Sunday, I’m now looking toward Memorial Day and Father’s Day. The red, white and blue are well represented in the Etsy store.

While at the refreshment part of the memorial service today, a friend of mine told me that although she has sewn in the past, she would like me to give her a refresher course so she can make some aprons. We won’t be doing this right away but probably next month some time. I was pleasantly surprised at this request. I have been playing with the idea of teaching sewing when the house next door gets remodeled and we move in. After all, I have 7 working machines. There seems to be a re-emerging of the old handmade skills. That makes me very happy. For a long time I’ve noticed that young people, as well as older people, don’t know how to sew and weren’t taught by their mothers. It would be a shame to see these skills become only memories. It’s important to keep these things alive. So, we will find out if I can teach. I’m very excited about this.

Another friend of mine just got back from a trip to Argentina and Chile. I still want to hear more stories of her trip. She says it was confusing with the north being the hot area and the south being the cold area – just the opposite of us. Sounds like a fascinating trip.

The joke this week reminds me of my mother. Since Sunday is Mother’s Day perhaps a story about Mama would be appropriate. New Iberia has a beautiful main street with lovely antebellum homes and beautiful lawns. One Sunday morning in spring Mama decided to go for a drive. As she was driving down this street, she would drive over to the left to see those pretty flowers. Then she would drive to the right side of the road to see those flowers. Mama said no one else was on the road because everyone was at church. So, she took her leisurely drive and then turned a corner to head back home. A police office came behind her and pulled her over. “What were you doing back there?” he inquired. My mother rolled down her window and with a look of total disgust, said, “Young man, never pull over an old lady when she has to pee. If you don’t let me get home, I will pee right here in my car. How in the world am I going to clean this up?” He was laughing so hard, he let her go. True story.

Another time Mama was stopped for a red light when a police car pulled beside her in the other lane. She rolled down her window and motioned for the officer to roll his window down, as well. He did. She said, “Want to drag?” My mother was a piece of work. I couldn’t make this stuff up.

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This may be a repeat but it’s so funny. Thank you Sandy for sending the following joke:

Older Woman: Is there a problem, Officer?

Officer: Ma'am, you were speeding.

Older Woman: Oh, I see.

Officer: Can I see your license please?

Older Woman: I'd give it to you but I don't have one.

Officer: Don't have one?

Older Woman: Lost it, 4 years ago for drunk driving.

Officer: I see...Can I see your vehicle registration papers please.

Older Woman: I can't do that.

Officer: Why not?

Older Woman: I stole this car.

Officer: Stole it?

Older Woman: Yes, and I killed and hacked up the owner.

Officer: You what?

Older Woman: His body parts are in plastic bags in the trunk if you want to see

The Officer looks at the woman and slowly backs away to his car and calls for back up. Within minutes 5 police cars circle the car. A senior officer slowly approaches the car, clasping his half drawn gun.

Officer 2: Ma'am, could you step out of your vehicle please! The woman steps out of her vehicle.

Older woman: Is there a problem sir?

Officer 2: One of my officers told me that you have stolen this car and murdered the owner.

Older Woman: Murdered the owner?

Officer 2: Yes, could you please open the trunk of your car, please.

The woman opens the trunk, revealing nothing but an empty trunk.

Officer 2: Is this your car, ma'am?

Older Woman: Yes, here are the registration papers.

The officer is quite stunned.

Officer 2: One of my officers claims that you do not have a driving license.

The woman digs into her handbag and pulls out a clutch purse and hands it to the officer.

The officer examines the license. He looks quite puzzled.

Officer 2: Thank you ma'am, one of my officers told me you didn't have a license, that you stole this car, and that you murdered and hacked up the owner.

Older Woman: Bet the liar told you I was speeding, too.

Don't Mess With Mature Ladies


French Phrase of the Week: The following was taken from regarding Cajun french differing from other french:

Cajuns try not to be shocked if newly arrived Canadians remark upon all the grosses bibittes in South Louisiana. They mean the roaches and other insects. They're not being lewd; they simply haven't yet learned that bibitte in Louisiana French refers to male genitalia.


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