Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Change In Plans

Wow!  So much has been happening.  I was planning a trip to Louisiana with my cousin from California next week.  I've called relatives to tell them we are coming.  My cousin has made the appropriate airline reservations.  I've contacted the vet to board the dogs.  In other words, we are ready.  Then a friend emailed me from New Iberia and informed me that the Achafalaya/Mississippi River is flooding and next week is when they expect the worst of it.  I'm still waiting to hear back from my cousin who has begun her sojourn -- she was going to a conference in South Carolina and then coming to Pensacola.  And I was really looking forward to at least a day with relatives and crawfish. 

Someday I will actually learn how to use all of the controls and gadgets on my digitizing program.  But for now I am learning and chalking up hours of experience but there are times that I get frustrated.  Yesterday I had to just get up and walk away from all of it.  Today I was back at it.  The Krewe of Bad Habits logo has taken an enormous amount of time to digitize and then to make it 5 inches was almost like redoing the entire logo.  It's still not perfect but I am happy with it.

This week I found a wholesaler in Georgia with some gorgeous items.  What really attracted me was the zebra and leopard print items, and the fleur de lis items.  Around here that is the trend.  I did email pictures of a few of the items to some friends and sold some right off the bat.  I ordered a bunch of stuff from the wholesaler today.  They told me it would take 2-3 days to fill the order and then they will have FedEx deliver.  The wholesaler's area was part of the tornado devastation in Georgia.  I can't wait to see this stuff up close and touch it and see the quality.  It really looks nice on the internet.

I found the cutest online store for dog apparel.  That made me start thinking that when I take my dogs for their annual visit to the vet, I think I'm going to make them dog harnesses with Cajun Stitchery embroidered on the sides.  In fact, George and I were joking around and I told him that I was going to put pockets on either side of the harness with my business cards and flyers.  Now I'm thinking seriously about it.  How cute would that be?  I have actually begun making Evie a harness.  Maybe I'll make some and sell them on Etsy.

My thoughts and prayers tonight are with everyone along the Mississippi River, as well as those working through the tornado devastation in the southeast. 

Bon soir, mes amis.

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