Thursday, June 2, 2011

Cutting and Sewing the Skirt

I purchased the fabric for my blue, floor length skirt and red vest on Tuesday.  I chose the patterns that I will use from my stock of patterns.  The skirt will be made from an A-line dress pattern that I will alter for the skirt.  The vest pattern is smaller than my size and I plan to adjust the pattern to fit me.

On Wednesday I hit the fabric store and chose a red and a blue satin for the shine effect.  I began with the skirt.  I pinned the pattern and cut the fabric.  Then I serged the edges and serged a seam on each side of the skirt.

Today I was too busy to work on the skirt.  I did try it on and so far, so good.  All that is remaining on the skirt is to reinforce the side seams, put in a waist and hem it.  I'm debating with myself about the waist.  Do I want to put in a waistband and zipper or just use elastic.  The wasteband and zipper would make it look much nicer and professionally finished, but the elastic wouldn't look bad and it would be more comfortable.  I should finish the skirt this weekend.

Tomorrow night is our monthly krewe meeting and we will be celebrating two birthdays.  Since I'm giving each of the girls an embroidered towel for their birthdays this year, I spent all day working on the two towels.  All of the towels have the same mermaid design but the back applique is different, as are the colors.  One is for my friend, Marilyn, who is a master gardener and owns her own landscaping company.  I love the shiny orange and red flower applique.  The other is for my friend, Chrissy, who is active in several organizations, including the gold star ladies.  Since my favorite color is red, I love this patriotic design.

Tomorrow will be a busy day with a couple of meetings.  I wanted to ge this posted while I had time.

Oh, yes, and did you see the cool collar I made for Ms. Stinky?

C'est tout, mes amis.

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