Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Egyptian Cotton or PIMA, that is the question

Since our last post we have sold all of the rust and natural colored napkins, 4 of the teal, and 4 of the burgandy napkins.  The napkins are on sale for $2 each.  Get a jump start on Christmas.  Once the napkins in stock are gone, you won't see those prices again. We still have the following colors:
Royal Blue
Sea Foam Green

It turns out that this is a better sale than I had originally thought.  All year manufacturers have sent brochures and emails saying that the price of cotton is going up and that increase will be reflected in the cotton products that I purchase.  Today I placed an order for more napkins and realized how true those warnings are.  The napkin prices have not only doubled, but I am now required to purchase a minimum.  Gone are the days of the $2 cloth napkins.  After the above napkins are gone, the nice 20" x 20" cloth napkins with hemmed edges will be $4 each, before embroidery.  This is true as to all cotton items, including t-shirts, towels, etc.

Another thing to remember about cotton products is that "Egyptian cotton" is not always the best.  The articles that I have read state that certain places in Egypt grow and sell exceptional cotton.  Other places in Egypt grow and sell less than desirable cotton.  Both can honestly claim to be Egyptian cotton.  However, the United States grows cotton equal to the good Egyptian cotton, it is called PIMA.  When buying cotton items, check to see if PIMA cotton is used to assure you are receiving a good quality.

C'est tout, mes amis:>)

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