Tuesday, June 21, 2011

We've Gone To The Dogs

We received an order for a dog collar today.  Daisy is one cute little dog and her owner is a real nice guy, too. 

A few weeks back when we took our dogs to the vet for their annual visit, I made Stinky a collar from white webbing with her name embroidered in blue.  It really looks nice.  I decided to sell the dog collars at that time.

The dog collars have been on my mind for awhile.  Out of all of the webbing that I have purchased, Daisy needs a smaller size, 3/4".  I have 1", 1.25", even 2" but Daisy needs 3/4".  That's okay.  I decided to place the order for Daisy's collar but also for the collar pieces that I am missing with the rest of the webbing, such as clasps, dee rings, and various hardware. 

You see, originally I purchased the 2 bolts of 1" white webbing.  I was going to use that making totes and purses.  In fact, I did use it for totes and purses but 2 bolts goes a long way.  The 1.25" webbing is the red, white and blue; and the blue, white and red webbing used for George's belt.  There's a bolt of each.  I don't even remember why I bought the 2 inch black webbing.  I had also purchased, sometime ago, 5/8" clasps and some other hardware.  Originally, the clasps and hardware were because I wanted to make bowties and I couldn't find the proper hooks.  The clasps work but they aren't the right thing and a bowtie requires specifics.  Although I must say that I have now seen bowties with the little clasps.  Then I was going to use them on cell phone pouches.  I did use them for a few of the cell phone pouches.

After I placed my order today, and gasping at the amount of money that I spent, I decided that I better start selling a lot of dog collars. lol 

I read an article on a dog website sometime ago that every dog and cat needs to have a collar with their name and telephone number on it.  The article was actually about all of the lost and misplaced pets from various disasters, such as Hurricane Katrina.  Without a name and phone number, it's not likely the pet will ever find its owner or vice versa.  I can embroider names and telephone numbers.  It is also a good cause.  I'm almost positive my animals will never get lost.  The cats are strictly inside cats -- no front claws.  The dogs are inside, or if outside, they are in a fenced yard.  But, I lived through Hurricane Ivan.  You never know.  Do you want to take the chance?  I've been thinking about this and the first thing I'm going to do when my shipment arrives is make collars for all of my animals.  In fact, I'm going to make Stinky a new collar and include our telephone number.

An alternative to a collar with the name and telephone number is an implanted chip.  George pointed out to me that if a person finds an animal with an implanted chip, how are they going to know?  How would you know the animal's name to call it and make it feel comfortable?  Not only that but how many times do people find stray animals without identification to call the owner and end up keeping the animal for themselves, never thinking to ask a vet to check for an ID chip.

We love our pets.  In many instances our pets take the place of our children, or become another child in the family.  Many people who live alone have a pet as their sole companion.  We feed them nutritious meals.  We provide a shelter for them and a comfortable living environment.  We take care of their health.  Shouldn't we also take care of their safety?  I do urge everyone to make sure your pet, even if it is an inside pet, has recognizable identification in case something unexpected happens.  Whether you purchase the collar from me or elsewhere doesn't matter.  The safety of your pet is what matters.

C'est tout, mes amis.

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