Thursday, July 21, 2011

Beautiful white beach towels

The beach towel order came in this week.  They are solid white, 100% cotton, velour on one side and loops on the other side.  I washed and dried all of them to pre-shrink.  They started out as 35" x 61" and ended up at 35" x 60".  Not bad at all.  They are beautiful and soft and fluffy.  Perfect for embroidery.  To be that nice, they did cost a bit more than I'm accustomed to paying for towels.  Ouch!  They really are worth it.  I'm selling them for $20 each, plus embroidery.  Looking on the internet, that seems to be a really fair price for a nice beach towel, especially a white one.

Now I'm trying to gather photos of the towels that I embroidered for my girlfriends this year to have them in one place.  I still think I'm missing at least photos of one of the towels we embroidered.

C'est tout, mes amis

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