Friday, February 17, 2012

Cajun Corner - Vol. 4, No. 6 Mardi Gras Edition

Cajun Corner – Vol. 4, No. 6 – February 17, 2012

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The Krewe of Bananimals’ jackets have been done.  They are beautiful.  Some had their names embroidered on the front, others had musical notes embroidered in metallic thread on the sleeves, there were a couple who had their Queen year embroidered on the back, and one had large music notes embroidered in metallic thread down the tail.  Most of the tux jackets are white but there was a red and a black one, as well.  We even embroidered the krewe logo onto some hand towels. This was definitely a fun project and I do hope more of these jackets come my way for embroidery.

Our parade is this Sunday.  Since we are in the parade, we won’t get to see the Bananimals.  Prior to the parade is the krewe parties at line up.  George and I will try to find the Bananimals’ float so we can see all of the embroidery.  Plus I have a few extra goodies for them.

Our float and costumes are pretty much ready for the parade.  This is going to be a wild and crazy weekend.  This afternoon is dance practice, followed by our own Cowboy Carl cooking up his famous chili for dinner.  Tomorrow we will pack up all of our Mardi Gras stuff and head out to the beach around 4:00 or 5:00.  The rest of the krewe goes to the Krewe of Wrecks’ breakfast and a street dance afterwards.  By the time we get there, the party will be well on its way and the girls should be coming home to our Krewe Den to party the night away.  Sunday morning one of our sweet little MerMaidens will cook breakfast and we should be in line-up by 10:30.  The parade begins at 2:00.  After the parade we end up at the Pavilion where trophies are awarded and our krewe dances.  We will party Sunday night and we dance again on Monday at Red Beans & Rice in Casino Beach Parking Lot.  Finally, George and I will drag ourselves home late Monday afternoon full of wonderful memories and anticipation of next year’s parade and festivities.

Last week was the Kids and Kritter Crawl.  It is a mini Mardi Gras parade for the beach children and everyone brings their pets to parade.  A friend of mine borrowed Stinky’s Mermutt costume from when Stinky was in the parade.  It fit Daisy perfectly.  In fact, we got tickled because my friend doesn’t have a dog but wanted to take one of her friend’s dog.  When all was said and done, it turned out that the dog was Daisy.  Daisy is the first dog, other than my own, who I had made a collar.  Her owner asked me, at that time, if he could say that I was Daisy’s seamstress.  I assured him that would be fine.  That made the Kritter Crawl even more precious because, again, Daisy was wearing a Cajun Stitchery original.

Once Mardi Gras is over, it is back to my WBL group.  I love and miss those girls, too.  They have become such a wonderful support group.  In fact, the Saturday after Mardi Gras we are cooking dinner for our CPA.  I think we will have boiled shrimp. 

Speaking of cooking, I saw a recipe on Pinterest for roasted chick peas.  It is a healthy snack food.  I made it yesterday.  It was okay.  It’s one of those things that you can’t eat just one.  It did make a good snack and you cannot go wrong with chick peas instead of potato chips or nachos.  The nice thing is that it’s easy to make.

The girls had a wonderful time at the Krewe of Wrecks Ball last week.  One of the girls even won first place for her costume.  The theme was red, white and blue and she dressed up like Rosie the Riveter.  The evening became a slumber party at our krewe den.  Many of the girls that were not attending the ball decided to have a slumber party.  Some of the girls who did attend the ball came by krewe den afterwards and spent the night.  I was not able to attend but I understand they had a wonderful, hilarious evening.

My favorite fabric store is closed.  I had not been there for over a year.  You will recall that I’m trying to use up all the fabric that I have.  Now that I know it is true that my fabric store has closed, I’m panicking.  I have looked and looked online but have found nothing impressive.  Right now the best deal that I can get on fabric is at Wal-Mart.  We do have a Jo-Ann’s on the other side of town but I’ve never been very impressed with Jo-Ann’s.  There are a few designer type fabric stores around, but that’s not what I want.  Then there is A&E.  It is close to me and they do carry a huge selection.  I like A&E but find them a bit pricey for my blood.  I do go to A&E when I need something right away, but otherwise I’m stuck with Wal-Mart.   I wish I could find a place where the fabric and notions are made in the USA and is easily accessible to me.

The weather this winter has been odd.  We have had a few really cold days but not many.  The garden thinks it is spring and then goes into shock when it does get cold.  It seems that each week we have a day or two of very nice weather, then we get rain, and then it gets cold.

Because of our big Bananimals order, we finally broke down and bought a clothes rack.  The clothes rack takes up a lot of room in the little studio but it is something we’ve needed for awhile and I’m glad we got it.  It is on rollers, has 2 racks to hang clothes, and a bottom shelf for other things.  It is also adjustable but not totally collapsible.  It will come in very handy for craft fairs but also when customers come to the house, our stock shirts and jackets can now be displayed.  In fact, we still have some stock items that we need to clear out.

Rhinestones have been the hit this season.  Our Costume Committee is so addicted to rhinestoning that they are blinging just about everything in sight.  One of the girls and I already had our rhinestone heating wands.  The committee purchased two more.  Once the girls begin applying the rhinestones, they just cannot seem to stop.  Even some of the girls who stay away from the costuming have found themselves addicted.  We’d look for a 12 step program, but we really don’t want to stop.

This year I made a couple of pennants for our float.  I was so excited because I got to use my new grommet machine.  I still want to get the snap machine but cannot seem to find one.  It happened that one of the Krewe of Bananimals owns a local tool company and I was asking him about it.  He said to call the company on the side of the grommet machine and see if they have the snap machine and if not, call one of our local canvas and sail makers and see if they can tell me where they get their snap machines.  Great ideas.  I’ll do that next week. 

Have a wonderful Mardi Gras week and don’t forget to SMILE:>)


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