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Cajun Corner - Vol. 4, No. 11

Cajun Corner – Vol. 4, No. 11 – March 23, 2012

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As I sit here typing, there is a small hawk perched on our fence.  George and I were just outside and noticed him sitting in the garden.  At first we thought he was injured.  His head was moving.  He walked and fluttered his wings.  He was just sitting there.  It could be a youngster that mom pushed out of the nest.  Oh, well, it will be interesting to see what he or she does.  We aren’t going to catch him.  He seems stressed already and trying to catch him would only cause more stress.

The hawk sure picked the perfect place because the garden is doing great.  It is spring and all of the seeds are germinating.  Peppers and tomatoes look identical when they first emerge from their seeds.  Once they get their second set of leaves you can tell the difference.  The onion bottoms from the onions that I chopped for dinner earlier are growing.  In fact, this week I cut off the bottom of some celery we had in the refrigerator and planted that.  The beans that took over the garden last year are now sprouting.   We have plans of using wire or PVC pipe and creating an archway with the bean vines this year.  That would be so unique.  No sign of potatoes yet.  Half a bag of whole potatoes were planted in our back compost.  They are planted pretty deep but hopefully they will grow.  We even noticed some pepper seedlings growing in our foot path.  They must have been dropped last season.  This time we planted a lot of bell pepper seeds.  The cayenne peppers were wonderful last season but we love bell peppers, too.  Even a broccoli root stump that was accidentally left in the garden has begun to sprout.  Oh yes, and the asparagus is growing and a few sprigs are ready to cut.  The mint, rosemary, parsley and thyme are abundant.  Some little purple leaves are beginning to push up from the ground which tells me our purple basil is back.  The stevia is getting leaves, too.  Of course, we have onions, garlic, carrots, lettuce, broccoli, and sweet peas growing vigorously.

Flowers are a favorite of mine.  The orange daisies are blooming and the rose bush has several buds.  The wisteria is beautiful and fragrant.  The lilies and gladiolas are sprouting and those wild purple irises are plentiful.  The African Irises bloomed this week and those flowers are simply stunning.  The red camellias are pretty much spent but our pink camellia bush is covered in beautiful double flowers.  Those little white flowers on the ground that I love so much are turning into blackberries.  Yummy.  Last fall I planted some seeds for small blue flowers.  The flowers are blooming but I don’t remember what they are called.  Snapdragons are very familiar and right now we have red, yellow and pink snapdragons blooming.  The muscadine grape is growing but our usual green seedless is not doing much of anything.  We pruned it way back last year.  Sure hope we didn’t kill it.

So much is going on in our yard that it is hard to come inside.  Sure would be nice if we had Easter Lilies bloom on Easter, but they usually don’t bloom that early.  When they do bloom, they are gorgeous.

The bamboo that we planted a few years ago has grown and achieved our goal of creating a natural fence.  Now it is creating a natural fence in the back of the house next door.  The sprouts have found their way into our yard and even in the garden but they are cut off right below ground level.  This usually lasts for a week or two and then no more sprouts until the following year.  Finding the sprouts has become a fun and unusual activity lately.  If there is any interest in cane fishing poles, I believe we can help you.

Our regular coffee pot bit the dust today.  We go through one or two each year.  Yes, you heard me right.  George and I are big coffee drinkers and there is coffee perking at our house 24/7.   It doesn’t even disturb us when the coffee maker dies.  We just go to the store and get another.  What I do not like is the waste.  Someday I’ll have to figure out how to recycle my coffee makers.  I’d brew the coffee on the stove but then the stove would have to be on 24/7.  After Hurricane Ivan hit in 2004, we were without electricity for weeks.  The one thing we did have was coffee perking on the grill.  No.  We did not grill food.  Remember, I don’t cook.  We used the grill for coffee making, only.  The first thing we did when we got our chiminea was to figure how to perk coffee on it.  I suppose we could have worse habits.

So, what exciting has happened this week?  I’m not a real fro fro kind of person.  I do like fur, feathers, anything soft, and anything shiny.  When it comes to my hair, well, I end up letting it grow to the point of aggravation and then go to the nearest stylist and have them cut it short.  No styling involved.  In fact, when asked how I want my hair cut, I usually respond that I want it short so that I can get up and go in the morning without any fuss.  Wednesday was one of those days when my hair aggravated me.  I called my neighbor who owns the local beauty salon and he said to come on in.  It was a slow day.  When I got there (2 blocks away from my house) we sat outside for awhile and I said, “Let’s have fun with my hair today.”  This is really unusual for me.  I was tired of the gray and wanted my hair dyed.  He took out his color charts and I was immediately drawn to the reds and auburns.  After some discussion and viewing color options, I chose a dark kind of red.  It almost looks black.  It is actually a very dark cherry with bright red cherry streaks at the part.  Then I perused some magazines and showed him several hairstyles that I liked.  He put it all together and for about an hour after I got home George just stared at me.  This is about as far away from gray as you can get, short of shaving initials in my head.  It really does look adorable and I’m very happy with it.  I think it conveys my personality.  It is bright, colorful, and full of spunk.

Have you noticed that there is no talk of embroidery?  It seems that everything that I have embroidered this week is a secret of some sort.  I can tell you there were towels, market baskets, and monograms.  There are no pictures to show because I cannot divulge the secrets.  Not only that, but next week is going to be filled with secret embroidery, too.

I can, however, tell you that Clothilde is well worth the money spent on her.  This week I wanted to use Boudreaux for some embroidery because he needs a workout.  He didn’t work.  He must be jealous of Clothilde getting all of my attention.  He blew a fuse.  We have to get a fuse from Radio Shack and make sure he’s in working order again.  Boudreaux has a lot of hoops in a wide variety of sizes.  Clothilde has three sizes.  That is not all that will fit on Clothilde.  That is just all that came with her.  This week I ordered a new hoop for Clothilde that should be in any day now.  The hoop is 16.92” wide by 19.52” deep.  That means there is a 15”x18” area to embroider.  That is one big hoop and bigger than Boudreaux’s jacket back hoop.  There is an even larger hoop for Clothilde but it is only a couple of inches larger and costs about five time as much as the one that I ordered.   Hoops are not cheap.   I also ordered an extra large table for Clothilde.  The table is specifically for flat goods, like fabric or towels.  The table fits on the arm of the embroidery machine and not only holds the weight off of the arm, but helps manage large, flat items easier.  Boudreaux has a table that sure came in handy when I was embroidering all of those tuxedo jackets earlier this year.  The tables fit on the machine, not under or beside the machine.

Next I would love to get some small frames for Clothilde.  Boudreaux has a set of fast frames which come in very handy when embroidering on pockets or cap backs.  Fast frames use adhesive paper, instead of stabilizer.  I’m thinking about getting Clothilde a slim line set.  Slim line uses a clamp method, rather than sticky backing.  A year or so ago I wanted to get a slim line for Boudreaux that was large enough to embroider rugs.  The company refused to sell it to me because it would not fit Boudreaux, because Boudreaux is a compact.  Clothilde, however, is a full size embroidery machine and someday I would like to get her the slim line for rugs, welcome mats, bathroom rugs, car mats, yacht mats, etc.  There are so many hoops and attachments available.  Then there is the sequin attachment.  Cajun Stitchery will have to make a whole lot of money to be in a position to purchase the sequin attachment.  It is tempting, though.

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