Sunday, May 13, 2012

Lion Handkerchief

I have a piece of fabric that I have had for a long time.  At first I didn't use the fabric because I liked it so much I didn't want to use it on just any project.  It was intended for something special.  The years have gone by and the fabric stash has grown out of proportion.  The stash must be used.  This beautiful fabric was rediscovered as I was perusing the stash.  A few items have now been made out of this fabric, for instance, the earlier trapunto project. 

Although the fabric design has many animals, one piece had the complete lion's head in the center.  Ah ha!  Perfect for a handkerchief, showcasing the lion's head in the middle. 

The fabric was hooped with the lion's head in the center and I used some netting for stabilizer.

A stock design had a pretty scallop designed edge that looked as though it would make a beautiful edge but not infringe on the center of the hanky.  The edge design was intended to frame the lion's head.  Since th edge design was a corner of about 7", it was duplicated, flipped, and arranged to make a complete 10" square via the digitizing program.

The hoop was installed on the machine and the design was qued.  Rather than multi colors, it was decided to use one of the earth tones in the fabric.  A rich, dark brown was chosen.  The bobbin thread was matched to the upper thread.

The embroidery design began stitching.

At the end of the stitching, the project was unhooped.  The stabilizer was carefully cut away.  And the edges were trimmed from the bulk of the fabric.

Voila!  The lion's head hanky:>)

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