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Cajun Corner - Vol. 4, No. 23

Cajun Corner – Vol. 4, No. 23 – June 16, 2012

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I saw a photo on Pinterest this week that says it all for last weekend.  Merde! Il Pleut.  I have to add that one to my French repertoire.  I’m surprised that Mama didn’t teach me that one.

What can I say about U-verse?  Well, like my Daddy Johnny used to say, “say bell, like you are ringing a bell.  Then say mad, like you are angry.  Bell Mad (Belle merde).  That’s how you say ‘shit’ in French.”  We have been online and offline all week.  As soon as it seems the thing is working, it goes down, again.  Luckily, there are other things to do on the computer where being online doesn’t matter.  I can do my bookkeeping without being online.  I can play games without being online.  I can write Cajun Corner, although there is a possibility that I won’t be able to actually send it to anyone.

This week I looked at my ever growing collection of scrap fabric and got into a ruffle mood.  I love the ruffle attachment on my sewing machine.  I’ve been ruffling up a storm.  Right now I’m making a little purse that I will never use that is all ruffles.  Cute as it can be.  It is kind of shabby chic.  The sad thing is that I have more purses and bags than some stores.  This one is coral and teal.  It is very pretty but it is also not finished.  Maybe I’ll put it on Etsy and see if anyone wants to buy it. 

While I was in ruffle mode, I ran across directions for a really cool fabric flower.  No, not a ruffled flower.   I want to incorporate the flowers into the ruffled purse, so, I made the flowers out of the same coral and teal fabric.  You know, I’ll probably end up selling this purse for $5 or $10 when I have put days of work into the project.  It doesn’t seem right but buyers are always looking for a bargain.

The roof next door leaked during our rain storms last weekend. We have a 15 year warranty and have had the roofer back 6 or 7 times to fix leaks in the last few years.  They finally made it here late Friday afternoon.  Now they are telling us that the shingles are defective and they took a couple of the shingles and are sending to the manufacturer, who also has a 15 year warranty, for replacements.  They said the whole roof has defective shingles.  Belle merde!  You would think that after returning 6 or 7 times to fix leaks, they would have figured this out years ago.  Oh well, all we can do is wait and see.

After a weekend of CSI Miami, I was totally over it.  Then we saw that CSI Miami is being cancelled on TV.  We didn’t even know it was still on.  It really was a good show and George continues to watch his 3 years worth of DVDs.

My poor cat, Tigger, is not looking well.  I’m afraid the end is near.  He quit eating, so, we got canned tuna in oil.  This has always been his favorite food.  Even as George was opening the can, Tigger came into the kitchen.  We gave him the tuna and he ate and ate, lapping up the liquid.  He probably got some solids in there, too, but left most of the solids.  He sat in front of the tuna just staring at it, as though he really wanted that tuna, but just wouldn’t eat it.  We tried again, today.  Again, Tigger came.  He put his head to the food but never even licked it.  All he did was drink some water.  He is now as light as a feather and even his backbone is showing.  He was Mama’s favorite cat.  He has the most personality of any of our animals.  People who have visited know Tigger because he would tap people on the shoulder for a nice pet or acknowledgement.  It just breaks my heart to know what must be done.

This afternoon George and I attended the Woolly Boogar Bawl at Paradise Bar & Grill on the beach.  The band was great.  The attendance was fabulous.  We probably had more fun at this party than any of the previous ones.  Looking through the crowd, even my accountant showed up.  Of course, she had no idea we would be there.  I saw friends that I hadn’t seen in a long time.  It was just a wonderful party. The Woolly Boogar Bawl in June is our attempt to blow away any hurricanes for the season.  We have another Woolly Boogar Bawl in November where we say goodbye to Hurricane Season for the year.  Any excuse for a party.

Tomorrow is Father’s Day, and, my son, Hank’s, 44th birthday. 


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I can remember my Cajun Grandmother’s remedy for taking warts off my father’s hands. As a little girl, I watched one day as we (MaMere, Daddy and me) were walking in the wooded area behind her house looking for wild blackberries to pick so she could make us a cobbler. She was only 4’10″ and my Dad towered above her a good two feet. She looked over as my Dad reached out for a wild blackberry bush and said, “Chinni, you got a wart on your hand, son, come ere”. She scowered the ground and I wondered “what in the world is she looking for?” She walked close to a huge pine tree and picked up a piece of wood, bowed her head and closed her eyes. I was completely perplexed! Then she walked over to my Daddy and took his big hand in her tiny one, she rubbed the wood over the wart and handed the wood to my Dad and without skipping a beat, picked up her bucket and starting picking berries again! I watched my Dad as if he had done this a hundred times before; closed his eyes too, then he threw that piece of wood over his right shoulder, picked up his bucket and went back to pickin those berries like nothing had happened!

Treatment for Acne, Blemishes, and Unwanted Freckles:

Mash up 1 cup of strawberries, and then add 2 cups of white vinegar, allowing it to steep on a very low heat for three hours. Strain the pulp and seeds. Massage the remaining liquid on the face and leave overnight. Don't worry, the mixture dries quickly. Wash off in the morning with slightly warm water.

If that remedy did not work: Wet the leaves, mash them thoroughly, into a green paste, and apply them to the blemish.

Another facial recipe for blemishes: Was to mash the strawberries into a juice,

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