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Cajun Corner - Vol. 4, No. 36

Cajun Corner – Vol. 4, No. 36 – September 23, 2012


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OMG!  I’ve been requested to repeat the huge headboard embroidery design a third time.  My week is planned – huge embroidery project.  You cannot imagine how tickled I am about this. 

Last night I was browsing around on YouTube and decided to watch some embroidery videos.  The puff embroidery videos said never use more than one layer of the craft foam.  Ha!  Rules are meant to be broken, right?  I always use 2 layers.  Then they say never go over the embroidery twice.  Pffft!  I do when I feel it is necessary but always with the puff embroidery.  I don’t want any of those little foam pieces poking out.  There is supposed to be a way of passing a hot hair dryer over the foam and it pulls back into the threads, but I’ve never mastered that trick; although, I would love to learn how.  I guess my hair dryer isn’t hot enough. 

This past week we did a lot of digitizing.  I’m learning to put a bit more detail in the designs.   Who knows?  Eventually I may get a hang of this digitizing.

We did embroider a couple of market baskets for a friend.  One just has the name “Kim” on it and the other has a cat label design with the word Cathy inside.  They are cute, cute, and cute.

An order came in for two plain, white handkerchiefs with a monogrammed initial in the corner.  Both hankies were done.  The following day a look at the handkerchiefs revealed a bit of the satin stitch on one of the hankies pulled away from the cloth.  Yep, I need to re-do those.

A few weeks ago, we went through the studio and bagged up all of our “oops” projects.  Things like the hanky where the stitching pulled away from the fabric, some not so perfect designs, hats, patches, etc.  Everything went to Waterfront Mission.  Do you suppose anyone will want that stuff?  I just hate throwing stuff away.  George thinks I’m the most frugal human being alive.

In order to do good embroidery, you usually need to have stitch outs.  A stitch out is when you are working on a design and need to stitch all or part of a design to see if it stitches well and if it looks as good on fabric as it does on the computer.  Some of the stitch outs look great; others, well, not so great.  Embroiderers end up with bags of stitch outs.  Most embroiderers simply throw out the stitch outs.  They are someone else’s design and not worth anything to the embroiderer.  The embroiderers don’t want to give the stitch outs to the customer.  I don’t have a problem giving the stitch outs to the customer because I have no use for them.  Waste not; want not.   Since I belong to a plethora of embroidery forums and groups online, I have been scolded for this practice.  The problem is that the big time embroiderers want money for their efforts.  They know that a savvy customer can take their stitch out and profit from it.  They have suggested to me that I, at least, charge $1 or something for the stitch outs.  Also, they feel that if the smaller embroiderers start giving away the stitch outs, it will lead to their clients expecting the stitch out and the big embroiderers would then lose money.  I really don’t know the right answer to the problem.  As for Cajun Stitchery, if there are stitch outs that we cannot use, and the customer wants them, we consider it a lagniappe.  Good for the customer if they get two for the price of one, or they can make a few dollars extra.

We have three baby sago palms in pots that we would be glad to give to anyone who wants them.  If you are interested, email me, call me, or just come by and get them.

The bell peppers are plentiful this year.  Why is it when we plant cayenne peppers we get a huge harvest but cannot seem to get bell peppers to grow?  This year we are having a huge harvest of bell peppers but cannot get the cayenne to grow.   George loves just cutting up the bell peppers and using a dressing as a dip and voila he has a snack. 

The tomatoes are starting to bloom.  This year we planted four beefsteak tomato plants.  One in particular I ordered from an organic farm in Huntsville, Alabama.  If this one yields cherry tomatoes, then I guess, all I can say is that we can only grow cherry tomatoes in this yard.  We have nothing against cherry tomatoes.  We love them and cook with them and eat them raw.  It would just be nice to be able to grow a nice big tomato.

The yard long beans are growing and have been producing all summer.  We didn’t plant as many plants as we did last year, so, we are not getting the yield that we did last year.  Most of the beans have just gone to seed on the vine.

The beautiful pots of mums that George gave me are still gorgeous.  We are thinking about getting some flower seeds for pansies, mums, petunias, and other cold weather type flowers.  It is always nice to see color in the winter.  That is, if we have a winter.  Last year winter was so warm that all of my plants that need a bit of cold in the winter didn’t do very well.

The dishwasher finally arrived and George installed it.  Man!  This little princess is so over washing dishes by hand. 

Have a wonderful week.
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A Time to Talk
by Robert Frost

When a friend calls to me from the road
And slows his horse to a meaning walk,
I don't stand still and look around
On all the hills I haven't hoed,
And shout from where I am, 'What is it?'
No, not as there is a time talk.
I thrust my hoe in the mellow ground,
Blade-end up and five feet tall,
And plod: I go up to the stone wall
For a friendly visit.


A little trivia from

Do you know the names of the three wise monkeys? They are: Mizaru (See no evil), Mikazaru (Kikazaru – Hear no evil), and Mazaru (Iwazaru – Speak no evil).

The fourth wise monkey is called Shizaru (Do no evil).

An atomic clock is accurate to within 1 second in 1,7 million years.

Barbie was introduced at the New York Toy Fair on 9 March 1959; her real name is Barbie Millicent Roberts and her parents are Ruth and Elliot Handler. Barbie has four sisters: Skipper (1964), Stacie (1992), Kelly (1995) and Krissy (1995).

Ken, Barbie’s boyfriend, debuted in 1961. Unfortunately, they split up on Valentine’s Day 2004.

World’s first travel agencies: Cox & Kings, founded in 1758, and Thomas Cook, founded in 1860.

A fathom is 6 feet (1,8 metres).

There are more TV sets in the US than there are people in the UK.

Before the year 1000, the word “she” did not exist in the English language. The singular female reference was the word “heo”, which also was the plural of all genders. The word “she” appeared only in the 12th century, about 400 years after English began to take form. “She” probably derived from the Old English feminine “seo”, the Viking word for feminine reference.



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