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Cajun Corner - Vol. 4, No. 40


Cajun Corner – Vol. 4, No. 40 – October 20, 2012


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About six months ago one of my cousins moved to Pensacola.  We have been trying to get together ever since she moved here.  It is always one thing or another preventing us from meeting face-to-face.  Finally, this week we met.  Her daughter, my 3rd cousin, is going to be a flower girl in a wedding today and her dress needed to be altered.  They came over on Wednesday and we finally got to meet each other.  I must say that I was captivated by five year old Claire who was inquisitive and into everything and could charm the socks off of you, as she did me.  They returned on Friday to pick up Claire’s now altered dress and she proceeded to charm George. 

Claire was quite taken with the mermaids at the house and I told her that once a year, on Mardi Gras, I turn into a mermaid.  She is no dummy and questioned the possibility:  “So, do you have powers?” she inquired.  “Yes, I do,” was my answer.  “Show me,” she said.  Her mother piped in and told her that when you have powers you only use them when necessary and you never abuse your powers.  I explained that I only have powers once a year on Mardi Gras.  She walked around and played, then came back and asked why I had so many mermaids hanging on my walls.  Her mother came back with an absolutely fabulous explanation by saying, “You know how we have pictures of our family at our house?  These mermaids are her family.”  That seemed to satisfy little Claire who is now waiting for Mardi Gras so she can see my powers.

Cajun Stitchery made some new purchases lately.  The first one is called Peggy’s Eraser.  It is almost identical to an electric razor but used to remove embroidery stitches.  We had purchased a regular electric razor but decided that it doesn’t remove stitches as well as one made for that function.  Besides, Peggy should have one named Peggy’s Eraser.  It just seems right.  Peggy’s Eraser has not arrived yet but should in the next week or two.

The other recent purchase that we are waiting to receive in the mail is a 6”x12” hoop for Clothilde.  Boudreaux has all shapes and sizes of hoops but poor Clothilde has some very large hoops and only two sizes of smaller ones.  A few months back we purchased fast frames for Clothilde.  Now we can embroider those market baskets, totes and various object that are hard to hoop.  The new hoop is adjustable.  It can be 6x12 or 12x6.  There are several reasons that this is a good idea.  One is that used as a 6x12 hoop, we can hoop pant legs and sleeves.  That opens up some really cool embroidery ideas and possibilities.  As a 12x6 hoop, it gives more stability to smaller designs and monograms.

We had our first fire of the season in our chiminea this week and are planning more as the weather permits.  In fact, tonight might be perfect.

Another recent purchase was a solar smart phone charger.  You know I love alternative energy things.  It arrived and not only charges the smart phone but also can be used as a LED light.  That is pretty cool to have in my purse when I’m out at night.  I haven’t tried charging the phone with it yet.  They say that it does take some time to charge via the solar charger but I’m pretty impressed with it.  I know they have solar chargers for laptops.  Maybe I’ll save up my pennies and buy one of those next.

Last night was our krewe’s monthly meeting.  Our meetings are held at a different krewe member’s home each month.  This month the décor was Halloween and the house was decorated quite cute.  It turns out that our hostess is another Pinterest addict.  She turned so many of those cute ideas on Pinterest into reality. 

Speaking of Pinterest, I found an item on Pinterest that said to take a bottle of vinegar, poke holes in the top, and put it in the toilet tank.  The vinegar is a non-toxic way of cleaning the toilet bowl and with the extra mass in the tank, you save on water.  We tried it.  It took a few days for the ring around the bowl to start fading but it does seem to be keeping the bowl clean. 

Don’t forget to get your Christmas shopping done early.

Have a wonderful week.
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