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Cajun Corner - Vol. 4, No. 46

Cajun Corner – Vol. 4, No. 46 – December 2, 2012


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Lots of embroidery was happening over here this past week.  Both George and I were on our respective embroidery machines.  Boudreaux and Clothilde were humming with activity.  George worked on a job of putting names on 70 dance shoe bags.  I was working on some beautiful monograms and jackets, as well as working on several ideas and turning them into real embroidery.  Most of my days were filled with digitizing little, tiny pieces of designs.

The new snap machine/press came in and we were putting snaps on everything.

One idea that came to fruition this week was an in-the-hoop purse.  To make the purse in-the-hoop, the largest hoop (16”) was required.  The idea was to trace the front of the purse, lay folded fabric over the trace/basting stitches, tack it down and sew the front design.  Then the second piece (2 layers of fabric), with the flap was traced over that.  The strap was pinned in the proper places, and the fabric was placed on top.  The machine seamed the edges and appliquéd the flap.  The purse was then torn away from the stabilizer, turned inside out, and after pressing the snap for the flap and a couple of grommets to hold the strap, voila, we had a nice little purse.  As usual the first one had flaws.  The first one was so cute that I just couldn’t bear to toss it.  Instead, it was given to a friend.  The second one turned out great and is now for sale in our Etsy Store.

One of the first things made after receiving the snap press was a baby bib with a snap, of course.  That, too, is now listed in our Etsy Store.

Friday night was steak night at beach Elk’s Lodge.  Friends of ours invited us and we had a fabulous time.  That may have been the best prime rib that I’ve ever tasted.

Today was the annual SOB (Sisters Of the Beach) Brunch.  These women are truly wonderful people.  There is no way to describe in a newsletter the depth of the SOBs.  Some of these women have been friends for 30 plus years.  They drink.  They party.  They are loud.  They dance.  They sing. They are wild women.  They are also some of the most intelligent, creative, caring and nurturing women that I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting.   To say that the brunch today was delightful is definitely an understatement.

The Etsy Store always seems to need attention.  The key is to be everywhere on the internet.  The more people who see the name Cajun Stitchery, the more the name is branded.  Branding is what a company wants.  Branding is why you know the names McDonald or Burger King mean hamburger.  This actually takes a lot of time because there is so much to learn and always seems to be another search engine or site out there that needs Cajun Stitchery to register with it.

Cajun Stitchery is also going to have an ad on that will run until March 1st.

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Tip of the Day:

I was browsing on the internet, looking for a Tip of the Day and ran across the following Tips of the Day that I thought were, hmmm, interesting.  Found at
1.  When going down the road, make sure you're not daydreaming. Often during my travels I go off into lala land, only to be snapped into reality 45 miles later, and wonder where I am, and hope to heck I didn't hit anyone or anything in the last half an hour since I can't remember a thing.

Once a couple weeks ago I remember getting on the highway. Next thing I knew, I was 20 miles away, on a different highway, almost to my destination. To this day, I can't remember changing highways, or any part of that trip
2.  When at a party walking with a glass of wine, concentrate on what is right in front of you. Do not look out thru the sliding glass door at what is outside, forgetting there is a sliding glass door...and walk right into said sliding glass door!
3.  When buying laundry soap because you are planning on going to the laundry mat (for the first time ever), be sure you take the soap inside the house if you don't go that night if you live in the north. Otherwise, it freezes solid. Thank goodness they had really hot water to run over my bottle so I could wash my clothes.

2nd lesson learned of the day: Put clothes in front load washing machine BEFORE putting money and soap in. Otherwise, you'll be paying for the laundry mat to clean its own washing machine. They don't open again until it’s done.
4.  Never wear a dress and high heels when working in the infant nursery at church.
5.  Always make sure that your dress is on the outside of your panty hose!!!
6.  When teasing the cats with laser pointers..don't have them chase it, and cause them to fly into the couch, knocking themselves silly.. They have ways of getting revenge.
7.  When exiting a running car to get the mail, make sure it's in park.
8.  After rinsing off a electric razor, and using it...Make sure the razor is OFF before using a wash cloth to wipe the water off.

9.  When in the car and tossing undrunk soda out the window, be sure the window is open first.

10.  When standing up to get a drink, before you take that first step, always make sure both feet are on the ground, or close to the ground. Otherwise, you'll get a first hand experience whether or not your carpet is dirty or not. Not to mention your face will hurt.
C’est tout, mes amis
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