Monday, December 10, 2012

Cajun Corner - Vol. 4, No. 47


Cajun Corner – Vol. 4, No. 47 – December 10, 2012


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Once again, Cajun Corner is late.  Sorry. 

We have been very busy here at Santa’s Little Workshop.  George and I worked all weekend completing orders.  Heck, we even missed the beach parade.  It certainly was not a depressing weekend.  We had the Christmas music going and it really felt like Santa’s Little Workshop with Clothilde and Boudreaux stitching away.

George now has an embroidery program on his computer and is learning how to download designs.

Last week George decorated the house with a few Christmas things such as a small tree on a table.  We decided that we would go with a small tree this year because Boudreaux now resides in the living room.  Also, because we weren’t sure how Sam would handle a tree.  As it was, George put up our 5 foot Santa with the movement sensor.  Each time something moves in front of the Santa he animates and sings a song, moving back and forth, his head turning and arms swinging.  Sam was startled by Santa and wouldn’t stop barking at him.  We laughed so hard at him.  We turned Santa off.  A few days later, I noticed Sam approaching Santa and nudging his hands, as if to see if they would move.   That dog has kept a smile on our faces all year.

I did get a few minutes this weekend to tend the garden.  One of the tomato plants that we don’t recall planting is producing the largest tomatoes that we have had so far.  Sure wish they would turn red so we could eat them, but they are still green and growing.  We have a lot of cherry tomatoes.  The big beefsteak tomato plants have a few tomatoes on them.  They are still green and bigger than cherry tomatoes but not much. 

We are still harvesting bell peppers.

I know this week’s issue is short but we have to get to work.  Santa’s Workshop is never finished.

Have a Wonderful Week.

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