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Cajun Corner - Vol. 5, No. 17




Cajun Corner – Vol. 5, No. 17 – May 5, 2013


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This week we were emptying Mama’s boxes of other than kitchen stuff.  We found that apparently we had a small hole in the roof of the garage and several of the boxes were ruined.  George fixed the roof but the roaches were so bad in some of the boxes that we just opened them up in the yard.  There was not much to salvage from those boxes and they were mostly clothes.  The ruined clothes were tossed.  Those Mayflower people really did box “everything.”  We found a horrid looking brown substance wrapped up and it turned out to be chocolate kisses.  That went in the garbage.  The cookie jar still had cookie remnants in it.  The medicine cabinet stuff was covered in bugs.  That was tossed.

We found Mama’s sewing machine and a lot of her sewing notions.  It broke my heart but I did get rid of most of her scrap fabric.  George reasoned that I already have a house full of scrap fabric, would I really use this?  Darn logic.

Mama’s towels and linens are being washed as I write this.

The house started to become very dark with all of the boxes in there.  Our plan is to have that house very bright and cheery.    It will look better when I have the curtains finished and everything is put away.  We finally decided that once we get all of Mama’s stuff in the house and put away, then we can decide how to decorate.

I did make a sham for one of the pillows.  It turned out beautiful.  Then I discovered that Mama loved shams, too.  She has lots of shams.  I’ll just have to start embroidering on them.

Several weeks ago we purchased some water bottle koozies that were on sale at one of my favorite online stores.  Two of the koozies have pink feathers at the bottom.  This week we sold those 2 koozies.  The initials were embroidered on the koozies and they are adorable.  We still have a bunch of the same color water bottle koozies and 2 beer bottle koozies in the same color, but no feathers.

After embroidering the koozies, I decided to put a monogram in the same font on my shirt cuffs.  Did that.  Then I decided to monogram my tennis shoes.  Oh, yes I did.  Each shoe now sports a pink P.  As long as I can get it in the machine, I can pretty much embroider on it.

Yesterday George and I went to the Pensacola Crawfish Festival.  We had a wonderful time.  The line for crawfish was very long but moved at a pretty good pace.  By the time we were at the front of the line, we looked back and the line was almost outside the festival entrance.  Oh, that crawfish was good, sha.  We each got a 3lb container of crawfish and ate every one of them while listening to band from St. Charles.  Yes, it was messy but well worth it. 

Since we ate the crawfish we weren’t hungry for dinner.  Later in the evening I made some beignets for us to snack.  This morning I awoke with a bit of a queasy stomach.  I guess it was overindulgence of spices and/or rich food.  Again, it was well worth it.

This morning was a baby shower for a friend.  Because I wasn’t feeling very well, I cancelled.  Now I’m sitting at the table looking at these cute little infant socks and wanting to embroidery the baby’s initial on the cuff.  I don’t know the baby’s name.  Perhaps the embroidery should be the first initial of the last name.  The initial would have to be about a half inch tall but we definitely can do this.

We have an order for a queen’s cape.  Well, actually she is a little princess.  The fabric is pink velveteen.  I contacted my trusty tech on the hazards of embroidery on velvet and I think we are going to be able to do a very nice design.  Thanks go out not only to my wonderful friend and embroidery tech, but also to all of my wonderful beach friends who are always directing potential customers to me.  This customer was referred to me by two of my beach friends.

Speaking of my embroidery tech, she surprised me this week by telling me that she will be here on the 19th of May.  Whoo hoo!  We always have such a good time and talk about gardens, embroidery, and conservation while imbibing our favorite wine.  She is only staying one night but we will have a grand time.

Poor Evie has been looking like a miniature, shedding, bison lately.  She is 13 this year and the weather has been too cool to bath her outside.  I have been brushing wads of fur off of her.  Today she got a bath in a nice, indoor, warm tub.  Even after her bath the fur was still flying but at least she is clean and silky soft.

Two beautiful handkerchiefs were made this week.  Pictures were taken.  They were ready to be uploaded on Etsy when the computer gave me a message that they were not jpg files.  Yes, they are jpg files.  The “help” section gave the parameters in pixels.  The photos were pulled into Paint and the parameters were adjusted.  Etsy still won’t accept the photos.  Facebook and Flickr accepted the photos but not Etsy.  I just cannot seem to get these hankies uploaded on Etsy.  They are beautiful and they are for sale.  $10 each. 

Have a wonderful week.

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Found the following at:

How to make a doily

(Go to website to see photos)

The images are pretty self explanatory but here are the steps.

  1. Trace a circle using a cup.
  2. Use large scalloped scissors to cut around the circle.
  3. Use a hole punch to punch a hole in each scallop.
  4. Punch another row above and in between the other holes.
  5. Erase circle or flip it over.

And done! 

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