Monday, May 20, 2013

Cajun Corner - Vol. 5, No. 19


Cajun Corner – Vol. 5, No. 19 – May 20, 2013

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Bet you thought I’d miss this/last week.  We had company all weekend and I’m just now getting to Cajun Corner. 

We had an excellent weekend.  Our embroidery tech arrived Friday evening.  We ate pizza, caught up on what’s happening with each of us, and played a bit on Clothilde.  Saturday she had a service call in Century but made it back around noon.  We played more on the embroidery machine and did some maintenance before we went to a surprise birthday party.  Sunday we really played on the embroidery machine.  She had another service call in the afternoon.  That evening we went to our favorite eatery, Paradise Bar & Grill, for dinner and enjoyed the Biscuit Miller Band from New Orleans while dining by the water.  We introduced her to one of our island drinks, the Bushwacker.  This morning she departed for home in Geneva, FL.

She introduced me to a new development in embroidery…glitter sheets.  They are used as vinyl lettering sometimes but she taught me to use them in embroidery.  That girl is always watching my back.  Her first response was, “The Nereids are going to love this.”  Her second was “All of the Mardi Gras krewes are going to want this.”  She left some scraps for practice and experimenting.  This stuff can be laundered but I want to work with it a bit and test how well it launders before I blind you with bling.

She is always answering questions for me but mostly we brainstorm together.  It is so much fun figuring out how we can make certain embroidery ideas work. 

It isn’t always her teaching me.  Sometimes I, too, have grand ideas that we share.  She liked my in-the-hoop design for the 10” purse.   Bless her heart.  She travels all the time and is so passionate about embroidery but rarely gets time to sit at her own embroidery machine and do things she wants.  I encourage her to make things on Clothilde.  So, she made her own purse.

Another novelty that Cajun Stitchery does is to embroider with serger thread.  Apparently, this is rare in the embroidery world.  Most of the time I stitch at1200 spm with the serger thread.  She found this so remarkable that she videoed the machine stitching out one of our heirloom designs at 1200 spm to show other embroiderers that it is possible. 

In addition, she loves to garden, too.  We are always sharing gardening information and ideas. 

And did I mention that she loves Pinterest, too.

Sadly, this morning Evie awoke and kept falling.  She couldn’t get her rear legs walking.  Dr. Armani told us last week that she does not have hip dysplasia but rather she suffers from arthritis.  He suggested that we start giving her fish oil.  She has been walking around all day.  Her legs are moving but occasionally one trips the other up and she falls.  We have an appointment with Dr. Armani in the morning.   In the meantime, we got the fish oil and started her on it today.  To be honest, we all started taking the fish oil today because it says that it promotes heart, circulatory and joint health.  We can all use that.

Sam was so good to Evie and refrained from trying to get her to play.  Evie did want to play but when she would get out in the yard and try chasing Sam, she would fall.  Please say a prayer for my sweet girl, who has been my shadow for many years.

Have a wonderful week.

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