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Cajun Corner – Vol. 6, No. 4 – January26, 2014


Cajun Corner – Vol. 6, No. 4 – January26, 2014


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Great news!!  The Mardi Gras Store is now selling Cajun Stitchery masks.  Parade People a/k/a The Mardi Gras Store is in Pensacola. They are located at 9100 Hamman Ave. Suite A -- Take N. Davis Hwy (past the hospital) to Copter Rd. Turn right onto Copter Rd. Turn left onto Hamman and it is directly in front of you.

Mardi Gras is a big item in Pensacola and grows every year.  In the past when we wanted a real good variety of Mardi Gras throws, attire and what nots, we’ve had to go to Toomey’s in Mobile.  There are so many times when we are working on the float or costumes and we need this or that.  One of our krewe members lives in Mobile and she gets whatever we need from Toomey’s and brings it to us the next week.  Now we have a store in town.  No.  It is not as big as Toomey’s.  No.  It doesn’t have the huge selection that Toomey’s has, yet.  It does have a decent selection and they are growing.  I really think the krewes and people in the area need to help this store grow.  If you are local, please buy your Mardi Gras items from The Mardi Gras Store.

By the way, we solved the issue with the thick armed glasses for the masks.  George got ponytail elastic bands and stapled one on each side of the mask by the holes for the glasses arm.  If your glasses arm is too wide to fit into the eyelets, just slip one side of the ponytail holder into one of the holes, the other side into the adjacent hole and they will stretch to whatever side the arms are on your glasses.  Otherwise, the mask is put on the same as with the eyelets.

Of course, you can always come directly to me to purchase a mask or create a custom mask.  We will be creating and making two additional styles this year:  fleur de lis and jester.

Last week I ordered several jewelry items that would make fabulous gifts.  I’ll let you know when the shipment comes in.  In fact, I have purchased a few Mardi Gras “toys” that can be purchased at Cajun Stitchery’s studio.

George finished doing our inventory.  This week, among his other chores, he will be pricing items in our little studio store.

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Thank you Bob for the following:

John received a free ticket to the Super Bowl. Unfortunately. John's seat was in the last row in the corner of the stadium. He was closer to the Goodyear Blimp than the stadium. He noticed an empty seat 10 rows up from the 50-yard line. He decides to make his way to the empty seat. As he sits down he asks the man next to him if anyone is sitting there. The man told him no, it was empty. John is very excited to have a seat like this at a Super Bowl and asks why in the world no one is using it? The man replied that it was his wife's seat but she passed away. He said this was the first Super Bowl that they have not attended together since they were married in 1968. John said that it was really sad and asked if he couldn't find someone, a relative or a close friend to take the seat? "No" replied the man, "They're at her funeral!"

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