Sunday, March 16, 2014

Cajun Corner – Vol. 6, No. 8 – March 16, 2014

Cajun Corner – Vol. 6, No. 8 – March 16, 2014


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This past week was spent in a whirlwind of rush embroidery for a client’s very special project.  There were a few late nights at the embroidery machine.  It all turned out well and as far as I know the project was completed beautifully.  I know the embroidery was beautiful.

The weather continues its rollercoaster ride from cold to warm, rain and sunshine.  However, I do believe we have now seen our last cold spell.  Spring here we come and I definitely have Spring fever.

It has been delightful watching the little plants break through the earth and begin to grow.  Our Johnny Jump Ups have jumped up, even in places where they were not planted. The colorful flowers are a welcome change to the bare limbs of winter.  We’ve been pruning out as much of the dead branches as we can.  The oak leaves have rained down.  George has raked and raked.  The camellias are blooming.  We have mostly red camellias but one very prolific pink camellia bush, too.  The birds are chirping and I do believe Spring has sprung.

After a hiatus of a week, the girls got together again this past Wednesday evening.  It is always good to spend an evening with friends.

Several items that have been just hanging around the studio were finally put on Etsy.  Some were handkerchiefs but there were ball caps and towels as well.

A friend of mine was asking for donations for prizes for her mother’s bingo group in Tennessee.  She thought some Mardi Gras items would be a refreshing change for the group.  This gave me the opportunity to cull the herd in my attic.  My friend came over and went through all of the Mardi Gras paraphernalia that has accumulated in the attic, as well as some arts and craft items.  She took a car load home.  My side of the attic is clean.  George is a very happy man.  Now I need to go through my clothes and clear out stuff so I have room to get new stuff.

I was pleasantly surprised by a phone call this week from one of my California cousins who was headed back to Louisiana after spending a few days with my aunt in Niceville.  It happened that I also read on FaceBook this week that another cousin is moving from New York City to California.  Sure hope the California cousins are all able to get together at some point.

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Thank you, Bob, for all of the jokes:

An elderly woman was on the deck of a cruise ship hanging on to her hat with both hands as the wind was quite strong. A Gentleman approached her and says "Excuse me but do you know that the wind is blowing your dress up in back, And your rear end is showing?" "Yes," replied the woman, "but my rear end is 85 years old and I just bought this hat yesterday!"

* * *

Moe and Sam, who were both 90 years old, loved baseball, and they had their entire life. One day, they were sitting together on a bench in their neighborhood when Moe turns to Sam and says: "Will you promise me something? Promise me that if you die first and go to heaven, you'll come back and tell if there's baseball there." Sam agreed, and made Moe promise the same. 3 months later, Sam died, and the next week Moe woke up in his sleep with someone calling his name. "Who's there?" he called out. "Moe! It's me Sam!" "Sam! It's so good to hear you! How's heaven?" Moe asked. "It's great, but I've some news, some good and some bad" Sam told him. "Well tell me the good news first" Moe replied. "Ok, the good news is that, there is baseball in heaven." "That's great." Moe exclaimed, "What's the bad news?" "Well, the bad news is that I was reading the lineup, and you're pitching on Friday."

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