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Cajun Corner – Vol. 6, No. 13 – May 17, 2014

Cajun Corner – Vol. 6, No. 13 – May 17, 2014


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Spring has brought beautiful weather to our area, along with all of the plants and flowers; but this year we have encountered some surprises, too.  Early this Spring George bought a half whiskey barrel to put in the front yard.  He was going to plant a papyrus plant in the barrel, which he did.  Since he also took apart our raised garden and rebuilt it, he used some of the soil from the garden in the barrel.  The papyrus began growing happily as did several other plants that we thought were weeds.  Many of them were weeds except we recognized some Johnny Jump Ups.  So, we left those alone.  Then we recognized a tomato plant. We let that plant grow, as well.  Then a familiar looking plant began growing.  It was an eggplant plant.  I guess there were lots of seeds still in the garden soil that decided to grow.  The papyrus is very happy and getting tall.  The Johnny Jump Ups are a beautiful purple, green and gold.  The eggplant is growing but hasn’t had a flower yet.  The tomato has flowers and now is sporting some small fruit.  How about that for simply planting a papyrus in a half barrel?

Of course, the new garden has shallots, lettuce, carrots, radishes, and lots of plants.  The shallots are almost ready to harvest but the rest are still growing.   He planted pots of all kinds of peppers and more tomatoes.

The gladiolas seem to travel and we have a few gladiola patches here and there in the yard.  The gladiolas that have bloomed are a shade between red and orange, more like a deep coral.  They are beautiful. 

The roses are blooming, as are the gardenias, bottle brush and jasmine.  The yard has a wonderful fragrance.  The hydrangeas are turning a beautiful blue and the bushes are covered in these flowers.

We are enjoying sitting outside with the fragrances and colors.  It is so soothing.

It turns out that the blackberries are not blackberries at all.  They are dewberries.  They look and taste exactly like blackberries but have less seeds.  They are also bountiful this year.  The blueberries are not ripe yet but we will have a nice harvest when they do ripen.

Everyday is a joy to sit outside, especially in the mornings, with a hot cup of coffee and enjoying nature.

Sometimes I will list items on Etsy that I really never expect to sell.  Sometimes it is something funny; sometimes beautiful; and sometimes very expensive.  When it comes to really fine embroidery with lots of stitches and very time consuming, the price tends to get high.  Sometimes it is just difficult to price items.  Nevertheless, I had a beautiful white handkerchief listed.  It has a hefty lace border and is very elegant.  I listed it several months ago for $60.  I knew it would never sell but I wanted to show what we can do, as well as get people to visit the store to see what kind of hanky would cost $60.  As it turned out, a few weeks ago a gentleman made an appointment to come over and look at ladies handkerchiefs for a special occasion for his daughter.  He bought the lace handkerchief for $45.  I gave him a discount because he really liked the hanky and he was a nice guy.  Rather than take the handkerchief off of Etsy, I made another one.  It sold last week for $60.  I was pleasantly surprised, again.  Maybe there is hope for the $90 hanky that is listed on Etsy. 

Lately I’ve been working on my continuous embroidery skills.  Continuous embroidery is where you hoop a design and stitch it.  The design is too large for the hoop, so, after the first hooping, you re-hoop to stitch the continuation of the design.  I’m working on some beautiful edges.

It started when I purchased the European pillows from my friend, Pandora de Balthazar.  They needed pillowcases and I didn’t have any that fit.  So, I made a set.  Pillowcases are easy to make.  The edges of the pillowcases needed to be finished and such special pillows deserved some special pillowcases.  I used some heirloom designs and a bit of creativity and voila we had pillowcases.  They were so beautiful that I took photos and posted them on FaceBook.  Almost immediately we got an order.

Another project with the continuous embroidery is a scarf that I finished this past week.  It is just a poly blend kind of fabric but the embroidered edges and ends are gorgeous.  Again, it is done in white on white.  I figured out the cost and listed it in our Etsy Store today for $150.00.

Lots of embroidery has been created lately.  Beautiful baby bibs, pillows, and patches, but I’ll save that for another issue.  In the meantime  . . .

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