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Cajun Corner – Vol. 6, No. 16 – June 14, 2014

Cajun Corner – Vol. 6, No. 16 – June 14, 2014


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My wonderful embroidery tech visited last week.  Clothilde received a real good check-up.  She had me order a few parts for upgrades which have since been received and the machine has been upgraded.  Clothilde is purring like a kitten and sports a brand new laser and bobbin guard.  While here I was able to introduce her to lemoncello.  I believe she really liked it and I have promised her a bottle on her next visit.  We were also able to take her to Tippy’s Tavern for dinner one night.

Installation of the bobbin guard was a piece of cake.  The laser was a bit more challenging.  Our tech had already returned to Orlando before the new laser arrived.  She was on speaker phone as she walked me inch-by-inch through the process of installing the laser.  We got to the point of aligning the laser when I just could not get that light to shine, as it should, on the needle hole in the needle plate.  There are only 2 screws holding the laser in place and those screws needed to be a bit loose in order to align the laser.  While trying to align, one of the screws came loose and I just could not get it back in the proper hole.  George had to help.  To make a long story short, George looked at the laser and talked to the tech and realized that I could not align the laser since I had it in backwards.  He turned the laser around, screwed the 2 screws in, and after fiddling a bit with alignment, it was done.  Leave it to me to install the laser backwards.

Yesterday, once we got off the phone with our embroidery tech and the laser was installed, I hung up the phone and put it on my cell phone stand next to my computer and went back to digitizing.  After an hour or 2 I decided to take a break and grabbed my android and went outside.  The phone was dead.  I pushed the on/off button and nothing happened.  I connected it to the charger and nothing happened.  We even changed the battery.  Again, nothing happened.  Neither of us could revive it.  This morning we drove to the AT&T store and a very nice gentleman named Josh tried to revive the phone, to no avail.  It was a new phone or nothing.  I purchased (well, we got it on our plan) a Moto X.  Apparently, this is the new and improved version of my Atrix 2.  I have played and played with this phone today.  I have read instructions and at one point called Josh for a little help which he was kind enough to assist.  As the kids today say, “This phone rocks.”  I can hook it up to my computer to charge the battery; or, plug it into the wall.  It has a voice command like my old Atrix 2 had, but this one has better response and does stuff for me.  So you think that sounds crazy?  I don’t even have to touch the phone to make a call, send a text, or even do searches on the internet.  This is just day one with this phone.  Imagine what day two will bring?  Oh yeah, the advertisement for this phone says it is the only phone assembled in the USA.  Okay, it wasn’t made here, but at least the USA got a part of the action.

We have to come up with a name for my phone.  Doris, Boudreaux, and Clothilde are taken by my embroidery machines.  It must be a Cajun name.  I am thinking about Marie.  Are there any thoughts out there on Cajun names for the Moto X?

The garden is bountiful this year and we are enjoying the fruits of George’s labor. 

I do a lot of monogram digitizing.  People want their name in “this” font.  There are a lot of monogram alphabets that I have done one or two letters, no one bought them and they are just hanging out there.  I think I’m going to complete these alphabets and offer them in my Etsy store.  Yes, I know, it is another project for my long list of projects for our Etsy store.

I did get to enjoy an evening with the girls last night.  It was delightful.  The food, of course, was fabulous.  That break from reality is always appreciated.


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