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Cajun Corner – Vol. 6, No. 17 – June 29, 2014

Cajun Corner – Vol. 6, No. 17 – June 29, 2014


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The garden is bountiful this year and George has worked very hard on the garden and yard; although, the weeds seem to have a hold on the yards.  Weeds are a constant battle when we are trying to get beautiful green grass.  Just as one man’s junk is another’s treasure; one man’s weeds are another’s prized store bought plants.  A friend of mine who lived in Iowa told me that asparagus grows wild in Iowa.  In Florida asparagus plants are prized.  A friend of mine from Central Florida told me once that dollar weed can be used in salads.  I would love to send her our entire dollar weed collection but the more you pull, the more it comes back.  I like to watch the P. Allen Smith gardening show on PBS.  Earlier this spring he was talking about his beautiful lantana blooming.  We struggle to control the lantana in our yard from spreading everywhere.  All of this is to say that as we struggle to control weeds in our yard, George and I will sit back in the evenings with a glass of wine and decide where these plants would be treasured.

Speaking of our garden, we have a couple of blueberry bushes.  Each year we watch as the fruit appears.  We keep an eye out as the fruit begins to ripen.  Then one day we will go out to look and all of the ripened fruit is gone.  Obviously, birds and squirrels have the same idea.  There is apparently a special variety of blueberry that grows here.  We tried planting blueberries for years to no avail until one of my friends, a master gardener, gave us the blueberry bushes that we have now.  Our newest theory is that we need to plant more blueberry bushes in a place closer to where we can see them everyday, rather than on the other side of the yard. 

On the embroidery scene, lately I have made several of our little corset bags.  Years ago when I was pretty new to embroidery and soaking up information from the embroidery sites on the internet, I ran across a site from, I believe, South Africa called The Purple Hat.  This lady had some of the cutest embroidery designs and a lot of in-the-hoop designs.  The corset bag was one of them.  I bought it.  I’ve made these little bags every once in awhile since.  There are about 5 or so pieces to the bag and it takes about an hour to make one. The problem that I have with the little corset bag is that the 5x7 size is almost large enough, but not quite, to hold my android.  The android won’t go past the waist.  So, I made a larger version, 7x10.  The 7x10 version is large enough for my android, plus a few small items.  They are really cute and have a carrying strap/ribbon.  They can also be monogrammed.  The only drawback is the closure. It is open at the top with no closure.  However, the bag is fully lined.  These bags are now listed in our Etsy shop.  Lots of people have stopped by to look at them but no buyers yet.

We did have a customer last night who purchased a black, military style cap with gold fleur de lis embroidered on it.  Frankly, I’m surprised the fleur de lis caps and visors haven’t sold better.  Where are all of my Saints fans?  It is summer and football season is right around the corner.

Another ongoing project is creating a tweed fill design.  This project is still in the works but it certainly seems that a tweed fill design can be done.

I’m always looking for new monograms to create, especially antique/vintage types.  Pinterest has been a great help in this area.  The problem with creating monograms is that I am not a designer.  I can usually take a picture and digitize it into embroidery, but with monograms you usually have one or a few letters of a particular style but not the entire alphabet.  Designing the missing letters is a real challenge.

This week I received a call from an old friend of mine who worked with me in Pensacola during my paralegal days.  It is always such a pleasant surprise to hear from old friends.  She has an upcoming baby shower to attend and wanted to know if I could monogram baby blankets.  Yes, I can.


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To deter spiders from staying or coming inside your house:

Add 20 or 30 drops of peppermint oil to an 8 ounce spray bottle first then fill the spray bottle with water (leave an inch of head space from the top)
Shake for at least 30 seconds before every session you use the spray bottle.

Spray around : The inside of window sills ( all the way around )

Around door frames ( all the way around )

Under the kitchen and bathroom sinks
In the 4 corners in a room on the ceiling

You can also place a few drops of the peppermint oil on cotton balls and place in closets, kitchen cabinets, behind couches…. any out of the way place to keep spiders from returning.

Repeat the process once a week

You can plant it near doors and windows.

Thought this was cute:

Want to freak out your neighbors?  Name your Wifi “FBI Surveillance Van 7”.

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