Monday, July 27, 2009

July 27, 2009

I didn't sleep much last night. Too much on my mind to do today and we got it all done. My friend, Amanda, chose the Curlz font for Kayla's backpack. How cute is this? It matches the monogram on her new little sun dress. This 2 year old is going to nursery school styling and profiling.

We've been putting together a list of all of the things we will need to take with us to the Arts & Wine Festival in October. There is going to be so much stuff to carry. There is a lot of embroidery to do between now and the first week in October. I read once that if you are going to have a craft booth that you should have a lot of a few items. So, we are limiting ourselves to 5 or 6 things.

Of course, we will have the SOB patches. The SOB's will be out in full force that weekend for sure. I'm thinking of totes. I love making tote bags. Then we'll have the wine coasters and napkins. I was thinking of choosing between hand towels and placemats for the final item. A friend of mine suggested both. We may end up doing that. We are also creating a Shark Alert Team patch. There is a story on the beach about one year, long ago, a lot of the islanders had Shark Alert Team t-shirts made and would wear them on the beach. Tourists would become very alarmed when those people would start pointing to the water. You simply cannot put anything past those crazy island people. This year I would like them to have Shark Alert Team patches.

Now we have to get to work. Expect to see postings on all of these crafts as they are generated.
Stay tuned!!!

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