Tuesday, July 7, 2009

So Much Happening

So much has happened since I wrote the blog yesterday.

One of our friends, Chuck, passed away and our prayers are with his family during this very difficult time.

Then my computer got several viruses/worms and I "think" I've just conquered that problem. Took last night and most of today to get the computer back on track. Now I have my fingers crossed and I'm tired and frustrated.

We are still waist high in orange shirts for my aunt's bowling team and the machine is embroidering away. Thank goodness George is a quick learner and has become a champ on that embroidery machine.

We have another big project after the bowling shirts. That's a 72"x120" display tablecloth with the logo embroidered. In fact, this is the project for which we've been practicing and learning multi-hooping.

I need to get back to business and start making stuff for the October arts & wine festival at the beach.

My batteries died in my camera a couple of days ago and things got so busy that I wasn't able to get to the store to get more batteries until today. I have a solar battery charger and am replacing the batteries in the house, slowly, with rechargeable batteries. It just irritates me to throw those batteries in the trash when they are dead. That's a footprint I would rather not leave behind, if I can help it.

I like to take pictures of my projects and post them on this blog or at least just have them. They make a nice portfolio. I've added this pepper design that I embroidered.

The news has been all about Michael Jackson. He really was a very talented man -- talk about a gift for dancing and anything to do with music. Even when I went to Radio Shack to get the batteries, all of their televisions were on the memorial service for Michael Jackson. My dear friend, Kelvin, suggested that I embroider Michael Jackson shirts. I like that idea, Kelvin, but I worry about copyright and trademark infringements, etc. Maybe I can think of something.

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