Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Fall is in the Air

The Blue Angels are flying overhead as I write this entry.  Every Tuesday and Wednesday mornings the roar of the Blue Angels fills the skies in Warrington.  I always get excited listening to them and watching their maneuvers over my house.  My own private show one, two, three, four, five ... all in formation or screaming through the skies in various directions.

This month Cory Station apparently acquired a new sound system.  Now we get taps at night and all kinds of bugle calls and announcements during the day.  Since I hear it at my home, which is a mile or two away from Cory Station, I can only wonder how loud it is on Cory Station. 

The weather has cooled and really feels like Fall.  Our neighborhood group has been getting together for our wonderful weekend Fire & Wine parties.  This past weekend several of the group went to Georgia to move Buddy's mother and brother to Pensacola.  The remainder of us had the Fire & Wine party at my house.  I boiled shrimp straight from Joe Patti's, which means they are fresh.  If you are not from Pensacola and decide to visit this wonderful place, make sure you stop by Joe Patti's.  The boats come in with fresh seafood everyday.  Anyway, I boiled 10 pounds of shrimp and others brought various appetizers.  Then we settled down into a lovely, peaceful meal and companionship in front of the chiminea with cajun music playing in the background.  Oh what a glorious evening that was.  The gang was back from Georgia the following evening and we went over there with left over shrimp.  And then Monday night, since they had been unpacking all day and were exhausted, we had them over for shrimp gumbo.  A little bit of shrimp goes a long way.

Cajun Stitchery has been jamming, too.  Our customers are getting their Christmas shopping done and over so they can party through the holidays.  You just can't beat personalized gifts.  Everyone wants the personalized gift bags for a mere $5.00 each.  Much to my chargrin a lot of projects have gone out the door without photographs taken.  The camera is ready to take more pictures and I hope to have a plethera of photos by this weekend.

We also personalize those cute little Santa hats with the white around the edges, not to mention Christmas stockings.

Keep an eye out because Cajun Stitchery will be offering gift certificates soon.

C'est tout mes amis.

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