Monday, April 12, 2010

How to Purchase from Cajun Stitchery

I'm so excited.  The shipment of dainty handkerchiefs is scheduled to arrive today.  These handkerchiefs will be $5 each, plus whatever embroidery you want on them.

This weekend has been filled with handmade handkerchiefs.  I don't even know how many I've made this weekend.  As you know the handmade items are for sale on our Etsy shop.  So, please visit.  I'm still making the little handkerchiefs and now I'm thinking about putting lace on the handmade ones.  I think I have them on Etsy for $5 or $6 apiece with embroidery.  Handmade items are slow and these take me about a hour or so to make.  Those hand rolled hems can be time consuming. I really should up the price but I'll leave it for now.  Let's see if anyone wants them. 

Besides I'm interested to find out how the PayPal thing works.  Cajun Stitchery has PayPal and that's the only way you can purchase off of Etsy but it's never been used.  I need to put more stuff in the Etsy shop.  By the way, if you ever want to purchase anything from Cajun Stitchery, you can use PayPal to purchase.  That's fine with me. 

This shop is custom.  The way it works is that you email or call me and tell me what you want.  I prefer email because I want to get everything precisely to your liking and I can review your emails to make sure I haven't forgotten anything.  I work with the designs and email pictures back and forth to make sure you are happy with the direction we are going.  When we get your order down pat, I send you a quote and you let me know to go forward or not.  By that time, I certainly hope you want to go forward because I've spent a lot of time and effort on your project:>)  Once you accept the quote, I complete the project and let you know when it's ready for pick up.  And, I usually send you a picture of the completed project with the breakdown of the cost.  You can pay me via PayPal at that time, or you can come over and pay via cash or check when you pick up the item.  As you can see from the price list on the right hand side of this blog, for the larger orders we do require 1/2 payment up front before we go to the expense of purchasing items for you.

Cajun Stitchery doesn't mind shipping projects at all.  If you want to place an order with us, it really doesn't matter where you are located.  It's the same process as above, with the exception that prior to receipt of your project you either use PayPal or mail us a check -- it is never wise to mail cash -- and we will ship your project to you.  Of course, shipping charges will have to be included in the cost.  If the project is shipped outside of Florida, there is no sales tax.  If it is shipped inside the state of Florida the sales tax is 7.5%.  We usually use the U.S. Postal Service and we don't mind insuring the shipment, upon request.

Cajun Stitchery tries to make the business of purchasing items as simple as possible.  In fact, I recently had a conversation with a friend about this exact subject.  When I go shopping, I want to see a price and buy the item at that price.  I don't want an extra fee here and there surprising me at check out.  I feel the same way about Cajun Stitchery.  Although there are always exceptions to the rule, I try to sell items for the cost of the item, the embroidery, and tax/shipping.  Very simple.  I've been told that I can make more money by pricing a la cart, a price for set up, a price for hooping, a price for this and a price for that.  I don't appreciate that when I shop and don't expect that you would either.

I truly love every aspect of embroidery and I want your shopping experience with Cajun Stitchery to not only be pleasant but pleasantly memorable.  We want repeat customers.

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