Monday, April 19, 2010

More Ways to Purchase from Cajun Stitchery

Happy Monday Morning to you!  We've been busy at Cajun Stitchery this weekend.

You can now purchase items from Cajun Stitchery with cash, check or PayPal.  You can also purchase via email (, phone (850)261-2462, Etsy (, or Facebook (just message me, Peggy Henshall).

Those little polka dot hankies have been a real winner.  We received an order for 5 of them from one customer and 4 from another.  Since these are handmade, they must be purchased through Etsy.  Once I get the hang of Etsy, the prices will probably go higher.  Turns out that when you purchase from Etsy, I pay Etsy's fee, PayPal's incomng fee, PayPal's outgoing fee, plus sales tax if you live in Florida.  Of course, this is a business and those fees, although not much, must be offset in the price of the item.  Plus there is the time involved in anything handmade.  All of that adds to the price of a single 10" square piece of fabric.  Wow!  Am I learning a lot about business. 

There are so many designs that I would like to stitch out.  I cannot help myself, I love to embroider and I love to watch that machine create artwork.  This horse is a beautiful design.  I had planned on putting it on a handkerchief but after stitching it out, realized that it is just too heavy and dense of a design to work on a hankie.  This design would be lovely on a tote or even on a shirt.

I enjoyed stitching out the flamingo in a beach chair.  There is a whole series of these adorable flamingos.  None were ever ordered, so I stitched it out on this towel as a donation to the Pensacola Beach Optimist Club's raffle.

In a like manner, this cute fun in the sun hand towel was done as a door prize for the Gulf Breeze WBL meeting.

Some time ago, George suggested that I do a design that says "Mais Oui, Cher" (pronounced: may we sha), meaning "yes, dear".  He thought that since we are Cajun Stitchery, we should include some Cajun.  I found the design of this tree which reminded me of the bayous in Louisiana.  I like the design.  I made one on a goldish colored hanky and put it on Etsy for sale.

Another customer ordered a set of pillow cases this morning.  We haven't done pillow cases in awhile and this is a pleasant expectation to get onto the pillow cases.  Don't forget our pillow cases are $20 for a set of 2, plus the embroidery.  Hotel quality pillowcases in white.

I just love this little wine bottle apron and chef hat.  They are selling for $10, plus embroidery.  The embroidery would go on the apron.  Notice the floral centerpiece on my table -- vegetables out of the garden.

Another unique item that we purchased.  This beautiful hanky his folded so that it slides inside the cardboard bodice on that tiny coat hanger.  These are $10 each.  When I purchased it, it was labeled as a wedding favor.  I just thought it was cute.

Have you noticed the shadow on the bottom of many of the photographs.  I'm trying to figure out how to get rid of that shadow.  I think maybe I'm standing in the wrong place to take the pictures.  I'll have to work on this shadow thing.  It's a good thing that I don't hold myself out as a photographer.

Until next time, c'est toute mes amis.

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