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Cajun Corner Vol. 2, No. 22

Cajun Corner – Vol. 2, No. 22 – June 4, 2010

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I wanted to tell you that the good news is that so far the oil has still not landed on the shores of Florida. However, I heard this morning that tar balls have been found this morning on our beautiful Ft. Pickens beach. The oil is still flowing. I would much rather expend my energy on finding a solution and looking at the positive side of things than simply hating BP. There are, common sense, eco-friendly solutions to this oil spill dilemma, i.e., hay, hair, fur, oil eating bacteria. These have been proffered to the proper authorities by many people much smarter than me. We have been told that those methods will not be used. No explanation was given. Instead they are using toxic dispersants and ineffective booms. George and I have sent a message to President Obama asking simply for a reason the eco-friendly methods are not being used. It’s sad and I’m trying to find something positive about the whole thing. I hope that the positive side of this is a wake up call about our delicate environment and that we need to be good stewards.

This week has been a short week and full of ball caps. We have an order from a lady with the Krewe of Junkanoos for some ponytail ball caps. We have been working diligently to get their logo to stitch out well on ball caps. Digitizing for ball caps is very different from other digitizing. We have been reading every article we can get, as well as, watching every video we can find. The rule of thumb is to digitize/stitch center out, top to bottom. The design must be 2” or less in height. That is very small and causes the stitches to be small and small stitches can cause problems. We had ordered some practice caps and have used them up. Most of them turned out fine, only George and I know what is wrong. One of the Junkanoo ladies stopped by to drop off a jacket the other day. I was wearing the white cap that we practiced on and she bought it off my head. They look good. We have had to tweak the design to stitch out better but I think we have it down now. I wore another of the practice caps to my Wednesday night with the girls’ event and another Junkanoo bought it off of my head. Now we need to do the ponytail caps to fill the order. I think George is doing that today.

We still have some of the visors that were on sale last week. I’ll leave them on sale for this week, too. Flag Day is June 14th and the 4th of July is right around the corner. We have embroidered on a few of them without a problem. Names and initials usually are simple to embroider. These are really nice visors. We can now get just about any color visor or ball cap that you could want, structured or unstructured, long bill or short bill. We can even get bucket hats. We are definitely your place to purchase hats/caps.

The garden has been so much fun this week. We are now picking tomatoes and bell peppers. The chili peppers and cherry tomatoes are not ready yet. George made the most scrumptious stuffed bell peppers last night with bell peppers, onions and carrots from our garden. Also, I’ve learned to make iced tea with the stevia and it tastes great.

I did go on another internet spending binge this week. I needed to make George a bowtie for an upcoming ball we are attending. I want his bowtie to match my outfit. Out came my bowtie pattern. Then I realized that I don’t have the bowtie hardware. I can make a bowtie that you tie around your neck but most guys prefer the bowtie that hooks in the back. That way they don’t have to fool with tying the bow. Off to the internet I went searching for the bowtie hardware. The first one used regular hooks and eyes and a snap but that just looked too homemade. Truthfully, I never could find the slide and hook, but I noticed that other people are making them with small clasps. Not long ago I had run across a website that had a lot of sewing hardware. I think the website is really intended for making dog and cat collars, leashes, horse blankets, and so forth. I clicked on the clasps and ordered those and then clicked on continue shopping. That was my downfall. There were hooks that I could use on my cell phone pouches. Had to have that. Well, maybe this other hook would be better. Had to buy both kinds to know which is better. I bet I could use this or that. Oh well, I don’t even remember all of the stuff that I bought but it has been shipped and should arrive in the next few days.

George is building a wall of plants in Mama’s Garden outside the embroidery room. He has put up wires and hopefully it will be our version of the hanging gardens. Hope it works.

I have learned that I need to put one new thing on Etsy every day or two so visitors can expect and get something new to see when they visit. I haven’t put anything on there in a week. Last night I made two more cell phone holders and I hope to put those on today and tomorrow and get back to making things. I think I was in a creative slump.

George is stitching out our oil spill design on a napkin right now. I’m going to a meeting at 11:30 this morning and I want to wear that design. We just haven’t figured out where to put the design, so we went with a napkin. The design is about 5” square and all of my tee shirts have the Cajun Stitchery logo. I was thinking about the right side of a tee shirt, now I’m considering the back.

Always remember that we are just a call or email away at or 850-261-2462 and place your order.


A long time ago, Boudreaux, believe it or not, was known among his friends to be very brief an to the point - he really never said too much. One day, an Avon lady knocked his door and asked to see his wife, so Boudreaux told her that Marie wasn't home. "Well," the woman said, "could I please wait for her?" Boudreaux directed her to the kitchen and left her sitting there for more than three hours. Starting to worry, she called out for him an asked, "May I ask where your wife is?" "She went to the cemetery," Boudreaux replied. "And when is she coming back?" "Mais, I really don't know," he said. "She's been der eleven years now!"


French phrase of the week: Monsieur Aldus Hébert? Tu parles d'un drole de coco! (Mr. Aldus Hebert? You talk about a strange bird!)



Over the past year I have tried to research some simple things that I could do in the kitchen, where I spend 90% of my day, to make it more of a green environment. I know that using washable dish rags, using dish towels instead of paper towels where something I could do but I wasn’t sure what else could be done. Well I did some research and found some great things that can everyone can do to make a more green environment for your kitchen.

Bamboo Cutting Board- Bamboo is harder than most wood that is used in cutting board and much safer than using the plastic ones.

Using Organic Products- I have started to use more organic spices and coco powders when I cook or bake.

Buy Manual Kitchen Products- This wasn’t too hard for me since I don’t have a food processor or stand mixer, simply have always done the chopping or mixing by hand. But you can also by manual egg beater, can openers and other items that many people use electric.

Buy Green Smart Cookware- Many big name companies are making more green smart cookware. This is often cookware that is made from petroleum free ceramics and other chemical free while staying non-stick.

Bamboo Bowls- Bamboo not only looks nice but they are natural products and a great solution to having plastic mixing and serving bowls.

Coffee Press- There are tons of coffee drinkers but think about going non-electric for coffee time by purchasing a coffee press.

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SALE OF THE WEEK (Good through Thursday, June 10, 2010)


We have one dozen of each of the patriotic visor styles in the photographs. This sale is for these 2 dozen visors. First come, first serve.

The visor with the red, white, blue, and yellow bill has a red band and the Velcro closure on the back is an American flag.

Sale: one patriotic visor without embroidery is $5.00 plus tax/shipping. We will be glad to embroider on the band, upon request. Most embroidered names or initials are only $5.00.

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