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Cajun Corner Vol. 2, No. 39

Cajun Corner – Vol. 2, No. 39 – October 8, 2010

Bon Jour! Welcome to Cajun Stitchery’s weekly email and welcome to our family.


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The Arts & Wine Festival was a huge success and is now only a memory – until next year.

One of the nice things about preparing for this festival is that after the festival we have the leftovers as stock items that you can purchase from us. It gives us an inventory of things you can purchase off the shelf.

Yesterday, a friend, who is also one of our best customers, spent the afternoon with us. It was a delightful afternoon. We began by having lunch at Ruby Tuesdays. Then we came to the house where we leisurely discussed some projects she had in mind. We looked at patterns, fabric, designs, etc., until she was satisfied with every aspect of the project. After we had the main project on paper, we discussed upcoming events requiring gifts. During this phase, we reviewed photographs of previous project and brought out some of our current project for her to see. Once those projects and orders were on paper, we brought out our inventory for her to view. All the while she was able to sit at our kitchen table with a glass of tea and take it all in. I had a wonderful time. Better than that, she sent me an email saying, “You need to know that I am not the shopper some of the girls are. I do not mind shopping if I have someone and something in mind, but to just browse makes me crazy. So ‘shopping’ at Cajun Stitchery is a dream come true for me! Now, to just figure out what to get for whom...... It was an enjoyable way to spend the afternoon Peggy.”

This personal service is available for anyone. You just need to make an appointment and we will set aside a convenient afternoon to take care of all of your embroidery needs. Tea, coffee, wine, or whatever the drink of your choice will be provided, as long as you let us know your choice beforehand. Take a leisurely stroll through our yard, if you like. George and I are always happy to show off our gardens. We can go to one of the local restaurants for lunch or provide lunch at the house. Please understand that Cajun Stitchery is located in our home and the dogs and cats will be here. There is also no reason that we couldn’t do this with a group of 2 or 3 people. Of course, in that situation, you would not get the undivided attention that you would get by yourself.

Have you voted yet? George and I like to vote early to avoid the rush. We were all ready to vote this morning when, luckily, George checked on the computer and we can’t vote early for another week or two. I don’t know why I thought early voting began this week. Whether you vote early, mail in your vote, or vote on Election Day, make sure you do vote. This is a privilege provide to us through a long history of a remarkable country.

Do you celebrate Halloween? This is a question that I’ve posed on various venues on the internet this morning. Some people definitely celebrate Halloween and wouldn’t miss it. Others definitely do not celebrate Halloween for various reasons. Some don’t celebrate because of the lack of trick or treaters in their neighborhoods but would if there were children in the area. So, I ask: Do you celebrate Halloween? Do you go all out with decorations and costumes? Do you just hand out candy? Tell me why and how you do or do not celebrate Halloween.

This week we made Halloween napkins and a table runner, since I’m trying to get my table decorated for each holiday. The cloth napkins are easy. The size of a dinner napkins is 20” square, lunch napkin is about 15” square, and a cocktail napkin is 10” square. All are made the same way, just different sizes. Cut your cloth in the appropriate size and cut as many squares as you would like napkins. Then hem around all 4 sides. I like to use my serger to do this but most any kind of hem is fine. I like to use nice broadcloth for my napkins. Once the sizing is washed out of them, they are very soft. However, I’ve seen napkins made of organza, satin, or any kind of fabric you like. Then embellish. A pretty print fabric, hemmed, makes a lovely napkin by itself. You can add lace, or trim for an extra touch. Please don’t use glitter. That would make wiping your mouth a bit difficult, albeit colorful. Beading, actually, would be acceptable as long as it is kept to a minimum to allow the napkin to be functional. Of course, I embroider mine. The photographs of our Halloween napkins and runner are now in our Picasa Gallery, along with all of our photographs. Just go to and click on “Gallery”.

The weather this week has been gorgeous. We’ve had our windows open and air conditioner off all week. One day did get a bit brisk and we closed the windows and put on my fuzzy socks. The garden loves the weather and I’m so glad the fall garden is now planted. We are still picking bell peppers and some hot peppers are almost ready to harvest. The 20 days came and went and the radishes are not ready to harvest yet. Does anyone know what we can do with radishes other than put them in salads or eat them by themselves? Is there any way to cook with them?

Christmas is coming and customers are starting to do their Christmas shopping at Cajun Stitchery. Get this out of the way as soon as you can. For all who have businesses out there, remember that we also sell gift baskets.

Always remember that we are just a call or email away at or 850-261-2462 and place your order.


Boudreaux and Thibodaux was at the Fourchon Beach one day and all the girls were around Boudreaux. "How you do it?", asked Thibodaux. "Well", said Boudreaux, "You go to Walmart and buy you one of them bikini bathing suits. Then go to Delchamps and buy you one of them Idaho potatoes." The next day Thibodaux went and buy the bathing suit and potato, put it on and went to the beach. "Oooh, all the girls are gonna love me.", thought Thibodaux. He walked down the beach and all the girls were laughing and laughing. When he got to the end of the beach, he met up with Boudreaux. "What happened?", Thibodaux asked, "I bought me the bathing suit and Idaho potato just like you said and all the girls are laughing at me." "Thibodaux", said Boudreaux, "You're supposed to put the potato in the front of your bathing suit not the back!"


French phrase of the week: Quelle qualité de crème tu veux? (What kind of ice cream to do you want?)


The following were provided to us in an email received this week from Christy:

To pay tribute to the popular beverage widely celebrated during the festival of Oktoberfest (or should we say OktoBEERfest), let’s take a look at other wacky uses you can use beer for - other than chugging it down and making huge beer bellies with it.

1. Hair volumizer – Dousing your locks with some beer will actually give more bounce and volume to it. Although we know that beer is loaded with calories, it also has some nutritional value to it, such as potassium, niacin, some natural sugars and also a little bit of protein. Beer is also great for dyed hair, prolonging the color and boosting the shine factor of your crowning glory. Warm up some beer, soak your hair into it and finish off with a cold water rinse to lock in the shine and bounce. For a healthier head of hair, you can mix some raw egg to the beer.

2. Insect Bait – You might not know it, but certain insects and garden creatures like butterflies, bees, flies and slugs are attracted to beer. You can use beer to attract butterflies or to lure bees and garden slugs away.

Sprinkling small amounts of beer on the trees and flowers will attract butterflies and will make for an awesome garden attraction for your guests.

The next time you have a barbecue party with the neighbors, put several dishes containing beer just outside your backyard. This will attract bees and flies towards that area and keep your party buzz-free.

For those who want their garden a no-slug zone, you can half-bury a shallow container of beer just outside your garden. Slugs and snails will waste no time going for that dish, lapping up some beer and eventually drowning. This might sound a little mean, but at least your garden stays pest-free. Plus, you can make some fertilizer with the dead slugs and snails.

3. Skin softener – Want to show off some healthy and soft skin? Then head off to the tub and soak in some beer. Darker beer works better for a beer bath as compared to the pale variety. You might have to shell out some money for a six-pack, but it might just be worth it once you come out of the tub with über-soft skin. Just don’t go outdoors right after or you might be the bees’ center of attraction.

4. Metal polisher – Beer’s acidity is subtle enough to make for an excellent metal polisher without tainting or staining the metal in any way. Moisten a cloth with beer and rub it on your metal décor until it shines. Now you can once again hang your copper pots and pans to make your kitchen look more elegant.

5. Stain remover – Once in a while, you get to have those clumsy guests who spill their drinks on your carpet. Beer can be handy for situations like this. Spot-test a small area first to see if the beer can do its magic, then pour the beer little by little on the stain and blot the carpet with a cloth until the stain comes out.

6. Fertilizer – Not everyone is born with a green thumb, but you sure can fake having one with a little help of beer. Beer is actually a good fertilizer because it contains some calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and folate, among other natural ingredients. Pour out some beer for your flowers or you can dilute it with some water. Your plants will show their appreciation by looking healthier and greener.

So the next time you have a party and there are dozens of half-empty beer cans and bottles around, don’t just throw them out. Recycle the bottles and cans and use the left-over beer in these unusual but effective ways. You can even build your own beer bottle house, just like Tito Ingenieri did. Cheers!

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C’est tout, mes amis

Peggy Henshall

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SALE OF THE WEEK (Good through Thursday, October 14, 2010)

SALE: Napkins + embroidered name or initials = set of 4 for $20.00

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