Monday, May 30, 2011


Fiesta Ball is a week from Wednesday.  The girls have been emailing deciding what we are going to wear.  The theme is Red, White and Krewes and we a celebrating the 100th Anniversary of Naval Aviation.  It all started when Paulette found a novelty store website.  She found an adorable red, white and blue vest.  As it turned out the thing is plastic.  We all wanted the light up white boas and the blinky plastic red, white and blue tiara.  We nixed the plastic vest.  It's a formal ball.  You can go in costume or formal attire.  So, I wanted to dress up a bit.  So, here is what I will be wearing to the ball: floor length blue skirt, white blouse, and red vest.  I will wear the white lighted boa; the red, white, blue binky plastic tiara; and a red tinsel wig. 

I chose the blue skirt, white blouse, and red vest because I have a picture of it in my mind.  George is wearing white pants, red tux shirt, blue tux vest and bow tie.  I'm getting him a hat that's plastic but looks like an old timey straw hat with a red, white and blue band around the hat.  I'm also making him a red, white and blue belt with a rhinestone flag buckle.  My attire will sort of match George.  Reminds me of the old movie Pollyanna with Haley Mills.  In fact, those costumes were from that same period that Naval Aviation began.

Now that I have this beautiful picture in my mind, I have to pull it together.  The boa, tiara, wig, and George's hat and his outfit has been ordered.  I have the white blouse.  I will make the blue skirt and red vest.

Out of all of my patterns I do not have an A-lined skirt pattern.  I have chosen a pattern for an A-line dress and I'll adjust it to become a skirt.  I have chosen a vest pattern but the pattern is a size too small for me.  So, I will adjust the pattern to fit.  Tomorrow I need to shop for fabric.  Hopefully, I'll take pictures on the creation of this outfit.  Should be interesting.

I've been making luggage grips lately.  They really are fun to make.  They are made completely in the hoop.  So far, I've made some with the word "MINE" and "CAJUN" outlined and filled with rhinestones.  I can make them with any word or name.  I've listed them in the Etsy Shop and sure hope they sell.

C'est tout, mes amis:>)

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