Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Thought Processes for the Arts & Wine Festival

A few weeks ago George and I took a look at our photographs from last years Arts & Wine Festival on Pensacola Beach.  Simply, our booth looked ugly.  The tent with the embroidered "Cajun Stitchery" looked great.  The tablecloths did not match, the items for sale looked scattered and messy.  The tables were not situated for the convenience of the customer.  Oh my, it was embarrassing to look at those photos.  It is a good thing that we took the photos, though. 

Now that we've taken a look at last year's booth, we need to make some corrections for this year's booth.  The table cloths are history.  I would like matching floor length table cloths but in lieu of that, I purchased 2 white, plastic tablecloths from the dollar store.  The only problem with that is now you will be able to see under the tables where the boxes are kept.  Nevertheless, it cannot look as bad as last year.  We are also going to place the tables differently.  We are going to put them in a way, probably an L, so that the customer can come further under the canopy.  I have purchased some baskets to put little things, like patches, into to keep some order on the tables.

When I went to my first arts and craft festival, a friend warned me not to have too many different items.  Pick out 5 or 6 items and make lots of those items.  I think she was right.  I tend to just put everything out there and it becomes confusing and messy.  This year we are going to offer (1) caps for $10 or $12, (2) Christmas stockings for $20, (3) can wraps for $7-$10, (4) patches for $5-$7, (5) fingertip towels for $10, and (6) little scrapbook appliques for 2 for $1.

One of my dear friends told me recently that it just seems that lately the prices at craft fairs have gone way up.  I would guess that is correct; everything has gone up.  I don't know if people go to arts and craft fairs to get a deal or to find quality arts and crafts and unique items.  The artisans have to make a living and most items cannot be purchased anyplace else.  Nevertheless, I know that it is a good idea to have a variety of prices so people don't have to walk away empty handed. 

Part of me wanted to include the luggage grips in our repetoire of items, but George said that he thought the luggage grips were more custom.  People would want their names on the luggage grips.  Perhaps he is correct.

The can wraps are included because they are easy to make and I enjoy putting cutesy sayings on them.  I love the new one that says "Never Give Up!"  Years ago George brought home a paper with this Never Give Up design on it.  It has gotten us through some tough times.  Perhaps others will like this, too.  I have some done (no pictures yet) that say "A smile is the same in any language."  I like encouraging messages.  There is already too much discouragement in the world today.  Besides, I have some cute stock designs that I've never used before with encouraging or funny messages.

C'est tout, mes amis:>)

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