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Cajun Corner - Vol. 5, No. 41


Cajun Corner – Vol. 5, No. 41 – August 10, 2013

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Not much happening this week other than working hard on this beautiful, large embroidery design.

Wednesday I missed an annual pool party at a friend’s home in Navarre.  This party is notoriously lots of fun.  There was a choice of the pool party or my anniversary.  Our anniversary is August 14th.  Cajun Stitchery will be closed on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week.  There is too much work to close shop for the pool party, too.

While perusing one of our online catalogs this week there were some technical difficulties.  Having the single best group of girlfriends in the world, I called on them to see if they had problems with the catalogs, as well.  They did not.  However, there was a bonus.  Several of the girls did not realize that Cajun Stitchery sold all of the items in the catalog.  We sell so much more than my handicrafts on Etsy and tee shirts.  There are all sorts of baby items, laundry bags, accessories, undergarments, blankets, as well as tee shirts and the usual stuff.  Also, we sell very nice dress shirts and jackets.  You don’t have to have these items embroidered.  I’ll be glad to sell them without embroidery.   There are two online catalogs; one is the link, above; and, the other is the, also above.

We learned a valuable albeit hard lesson this week.  Last week we had an order on Etsy, which we filled and George took to the post office.  The post office worker behind the counter suggested that George mail it via Media Mail and said the customer should receive the package by this past Wednesday, August 7th.  She did not.  She still has not received it.  I called the post office yesterday with my receipt in hand and was told that Media Mail is the absolute slowest method of mailing.  The package is en route but could take three weeks to get to its destination.  As a business owner you certainly learn to be humble.  That was the case when I had to explain this to my customer.  We will never use media mail again.

Today was a good day since I did my periodic spree at Dollar Tree and purchased lots of items that I don’t need and will never use.

This evening George purchased the movie The Thing for our evening entertainment.  It was the third remake of this movie, the first one was in 1951 and James Arness (Marshall Matt Dillon and brother of Peter Graves) played “The Thing”.  I’ve watched all three and this new remake is by far the best, although the movie never had much of a plot in the first place.

The garden is doing fine.  We’ve had bell peppers from the garden all year.  Now there are some banana, ancho, and jalepeno peppers, too.  The carrots are now gone.  We ate the last of them this week.  There are 3 beautiful eggplant, as well.  The yard long green beans are producing now.  Our wonderful tomato plant that was planted last year looked as though it was dying out, but lo and behold it has flowers on it, again.

Have a wonderful week
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