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Cajun Corner – Vol. 6, No. 11 – April 27, 2014

Cajun Corner – Vol. 6, No. 11 – April 27, 2014

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As mentioned last week, I did embroider our tee shirts with the Pledge of Allegiance.  They turned out so good that I took pictures and posted on our Cajun Stitchery Facebook page.  Not long after posting one lady commented and purchased a tee shirt with the embroidery. Another friend has purchased one, too.  However, as the first lady and I were commenting back and forth, another person decided to comment. That comment was not very nice and basically said I was wrong to use the Pledge of Allegiance for monetary gain.  I didn’t feel the post deserved a comment.  Not long after that someone else posted a very lengthy post regarding the controversy of the Pledge of Allegiance.  I deleted both comments.  A little while later, another person commented that she was pleasantly surprised that no one had posted controversial comments.  Nevertheless, that post received over 1,000 hits.  More than I have ever had for a post on Facebook.

We went to a friend’s home for Easter.  Since George and I ALWAYS color Easter eggs and hide them at her house, she asked that we please refrain from doing this.  Instead, one of her guests was bringing her two little boys and would we please hide the eggs for the children.  We were delighted to do so, of course.  Well, not without a little bit of good ole Cajun fun.  We did color the Easter Eggs.  We did hide them for the little boys.  We did tell our friend that there were 22 eggs – 2 dozen shy 2 eggs that broke.  We did actually only have 20 eggs.  Hahahahahaha!!!!  I wonder if she is still searching for those other 2 eggs.

George has been very busy in the garden and caring for the lawn and plants.  The place is looking very nice right now.  One of our front yard plants is a papyrus.  The papyrus decided to take over the yard.  George dug all of the papyrus up but put one in a half whiskey barrel.  The papyrus looks very nice and we feel good because it won’t take over the yard and yet we still have a specimen to admire.  Funny thing is that as the papyrus has recovered from transplanting and winter, the soil is producing a few surprises of its own.  Johnny Jump Ups are jumping up in the pot along with a few other plants from our yard, including a tomato plant.  Our yard is always entertaining.

Even though the handkerchiefs have been a success in our Etsy store, one of the most popular handkerchiefs has been taken off.  It is the scallop edged hanky that has the thick scallop.  It just never looked right to me.  Oh yes, it is beautiful but as the designer there is something wrong with it.  One thing was that on each scallop there was a stitch or two in the middle that looked bad.  My wonderful embroidery tech taught me how to get rid of those stitches.  The issue is now resolved.  The next issue is unevenness of the threads when detached from the hoop.  I’ve been working on that today.  The outcome is that there will be a few more handkerchief designs available in our Etsy store in the near future.

With all of that said about handkerchiefs, we completed an order this week for three white with lavender stitching handkerchiefs that say, “No Ugly Crying.”  Yes, it is for a wedding.  Our customer is in Canada.  They turned out beautiful.

A gentleman called me this week wanting some patches.  “Do you make patches?” he asked.  Yes, we make patches.  It turned out that he is a truck driver who changed companies or opened his own company and needed some patches to put over the embroidered logos on his pants and shirts. His lovely wife came to the studio and showed me his shirt and approved the patch design.  They are done.  Before she left, I asked her how they found me.  She said that they live in Ensley (a small area just north of Pensacola) and they called every embroiderer they could find but no one made patches.  I suspect no one made small order patches.  Apparently embroiderers have a minimum number of patches required before they will take the order.  Luckily for this couple, they found Cajun Stitchery who will accept small order patches.  It is a shame that more embroiderers don’t take small orders.  There is a demand for “In Memory of” type patches.  As in this case, rather than tossing out good clothes, a nice patch can cover the older emblem.  In fact, any design can be made into a patch.  It is only a matter of putting the square, circle, or geometric shape outside the design. 

Since I was already working on patches, I designed a patch for a friend of mine who works protecting the sea turtles.  The patch has not been stitched out yet, but she loves the design.

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