Saturday, July 4, 2009

4th of July, 2009

Ah! Saturday the Fourth of July, 2009. We worked so hard this week, we were just plum tuckered out last night. I've been taking lots of pictures of projects this week and thought I'd share some, but then there's the picture of Tigger, my cat. We had just received a box of t-shirts and put the empty box off to the side on the recycling bin and wouldn't you know it...Cat In The Box!

I should do some designs of cats and dogs. We have 3 cats and 2 dogs. My golden retriever, Chelsea, passed away in January of this year. She was 14. The best dog I ever owned, or owned me. Think about it, we're the ones that go to work and earn a living, clean the house and the yard, feed them, let them outside and provide a climate controlled home (they are all inside animals). Just who owns who. I think I am the pet.

Then there is all of the wildlife outdoors. I live just outside of town -- 5 minutes from my home and you are downtown Pensacola -- but the animals are amazing. For the past few years we have had red tailed hawks nesting in our oak trees. They are fascinating creatures. Hawks mate for life. Of course, they are predators and there is usually a voluminous amount of feathers under the nesting tree -- poor little fellas. We have quite an array of indiginal birds in this area. Pensacola is a natural habitat for the Bald Eagle (oh yes, and they are breath-taking to watch), osprey, an assortment of hawks, as well as the usual gulls, pelicans, egrets, herons, and other birds that live near and around the Gulf of Mexico. Also, the migratory birds always take a holiday in Pensacola on their way north or south.

I haven't heard the Blue Angels flying this week -- that I recall. I live about a mile from the Naval Air Station, home of the Blue Angels. They usually put on a spectacular show at the beach the 1st or 2nd weekend after the 4th of July -- but we get to see them every time they are in town and practicing because they fly directly above my house. How terrific is that! We get to watch the air show and not leave home. Woohoo!!!

We are going to the beach today to watch the fireworks and enjoy the 4th with friends. Life is good.

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