Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Bows, Bands and Is it Fall?

Before the morning was over on Friday, we had sold out of the little bags with bows.  George was running all over town trying to find more but could not.  So, we continued the sale with the little satin bags.  Those sold well, too.  A friend called the other day and she had found some more of the little bags with bows.  I told her to buy everything they had in stock.  So, we now have the satin bags and the little bags with the bows.  The sale continues ($5 for the bag and embroidered initials or name) through this Thursday.  Who would have thought this would have been such a huge hit?  Any bags remaining after Thursday will be sold at the 2nd Annual Pensacola Beach Arts & Wine Festival this weekend.  They will just have little designs embroidered on those.

Tonight was the last Bands on the Beach and, sadly, we did not attend.  I believe some of our neighbors went but we were just too tired.  Our friend, Debby, that we met at Bands on the Beach this year, called today to say how much she has enjoyed our weekly gathering and how much she will miss all of us.  We promised to stay in touch.

The weather, as of today, is starting to cool off and feel like fall.  Oh, I am looking forward to those evenings around the fire pit with the neighbors, singing songs, conversation, all of our silliness, and, of course, a glass of wine. 

I finally digitized the new Cajun Stitchery logo.  The one with the shrimp.  I'm pretty pleased with it.  I do see some minor flaws but I'm learning to digitize and just pleased as punch that it turned out so well.  In fact, I purchased 3 red aprons for myself and my 2 helpers for this weekend and we embroidered the logo across the bib of the aprons.  I think they are adorable.  Now I need to continue learning by digitizng another design.  I have an idea and will share it when it's done.

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